Camera club snapper captures the celebrations

Players celebrate after scoring a goal Photo: Simon Godfrey
Players celebrate after scoring a goal Photo: Simon Godfrey

Oxford Mail Camera Club members have been out and about taking photos to reflect their favourite hobbies.

Each week club members take photos on a suggested theme and then post their pictures on the club’s Facebook page.

One photo is then picked out as the camera club photo of the week.

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There were lots of striking entries this week but Simon Godfrey’s sports photos stood out.

He said: “A few years ago I combined my passion for football with my passion for photography and haven’t looked back.

“ It can certainly be a challenging genre of photography but very rewarding.

“These photos are from Thame Utd Women v Chinnor Ladies on Sunday.”

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The Thame players appear to be celebrating a goal while the Chinnor players can’t hide their disappointment.

For more information about camera club, visit the club’s Facebook page.

The next theme is 'cannot live without'.

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