Cameron Norrie slams ‘absurd’ French Open umpiring calls against British players

Cameron Norrie beats home favourite Benoit Paire in five sets at French Open - Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach
Cameron Norrie beats home favourite Benoit Paire in five sets at French Open - Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach

By Simon Briggs, Tennis Correspondent, and Molly McElwee in Paris

Cameron Norrie slammed “absurd” umpiring mistakes after he became the second Briton in as many days to suffer a dubious and potentially match-turning call from the Parisian officials.

Unlike Dan Evans, who was eliminated on the French Open’s first day, Norrie managed to recover from the decision in question – an arguable “hindrance” call from chair umpire Nico Helwerth – but not before it had cost him the second set of his dramatic first-round meeting with Benoit Paire.

“What are we doing here?” asked a bemused Norrie after his 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 6-1, 6-4 win. “I’m fighting my a— off and one call like that could influence the match. It changed the momentum, for sure.”

The incident took place in the third game of the second set, after Norrie had crunched an excellent forehand up the line. He may have grunted slightly later than normal, just as the ball was about to bounce, but you hear players do that all the time.

So for Helwerth to award the point to Paire via a “hindrance” call – which is usually reserved for a premature shout of “Come on!” in the middle of a rally – was eccentric at best. The call set up a break point, whereupon Paire struck a clean return winner and established an ascendancy that would last for an hour at least.

‘I’ve never been called for that before. It’s unacceptable’

After the equally unusual situation on Sunday – in which Evans’s game disintegrated after he was inexplicably foot-faulted by a line judge standing some 30 metres away – one started to wonder whether Roland Garros has an anti-British agenda. Could post-Brexit relations really have slumped so far with our cross-Channel neighbours?

“For me, it was strange,” said Norrie. “He must have thought that I said something, and I think for him to get involved there was absurd. Even with Evo yesterday, I watched that, and he was nowhere near foot-faulting and the guy is calling him on the other side of the net.

“There is no warning. There is no, like, ‘You're getting a little bit close to the line here’. With me, maybe ‘You're grunting too long on one point’.

“We're all competing as hard as we can, and I did my best to try and not let it bother me. I've never been called for that before, ever. I think it's unacceptable. If he makes a decision wrong, there's no consequences. For me, if I do something wrong, there's consequences.”

Norrie’s anger would surely have burned even brighter had he lost the match, which saw him receive constant heckling from the 10,000-strong crowd.

Perhaps it was this hostile reception that inhibited Norrie, and left him prodding at the ball rather than swinging freely. Or perhaps it was the pressure of living up to his seeding (No 14) against a man ranked No149 in the world.

Either way, he was well short of the form that saw him overcome French Open favourite Carlos Alcaraz in a clay-court final earlier this year. But he still managed to scramble over the line by virtue of his superior fitness. At the end of this 3hr 33min test of wills, the extravagantly bearded Paire looked so drained that he could have passed for a desert-island castaway.

“It's great to play those matches in grand slams against home favourites,” said Norrie, who at one stage gave up waiting for the Mexican wave to stop and hit his first serve anyway. “On the flip side, it is difficult at times, but I keep reminding myself that I want to be out there competing in those tough moments when the crowd is against me.”

The LTA should be thankful to New Zealand

He will need all his stoicism again on Wednesday. Norrie’s second-round opponent will be Lucas Pouille – a French qualifier who on Sunday became the lowest-ranked man (at No 675) to win a match at Roland Garros in a decade.

This is a slightly misleading statistic, because Pouille – who is 29 – reached the top 10 in 2018 before developing a chronic elbow injury. After surgery, his life spiralled into depression and alcoholism. He has only recently rediscovered himself as a tennis player, and led the crowd in an emotional rendition of the Marseillaise after his first-round win.

Norrie’s victory means that, yet again, the man who switched nationality from New Zealand at the age of 18 has become the last Briton standing at a slam. You have to go back five events and almost 18 months, to 2022’s Australian Open, for the last time a home-grown player went deeper than him in a major singles draw.

The Lawn Tennis Association should thus be thankful that New Zealand can offer little support to would-be tennis stars, because Norrie is sparing their blushes at tournament after tournament.

Also under fire this week are the balls, which seem to have been an issue all season no matter which manufacturer is providing them. The latest brand in the firing line are Wilson. Paire declared their product to be “rubbish” on Monday.

“You play with balls that get bigger after two seconds,” said Paire. “The new balls don't even last a game. That's not the reason why I didn't win. You can't play tennis, though, with that type of balls. You can't attack. It's impossible to play an ace. It's a question of who can keep the ball in the court for the longest.”

Cameron Norrie vs Benoit Paire, as it happened

02:00 PM

The winning moment for Norrie

01:52 PM

Who will Norrie play next?

Another Frenchman! Norrie faces Lucas Pouille in the second round on Wednesday.

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Twitter reacts

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Norrie survives

Grit and determination gets Norrie through there to break French hearts.

01:42 PM

Norrie* 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 6-1, 6-4 Paire (*denotes next server)

Norrie forehand winner to start the game, 0-15. A mis-hit forehand by Norrie catches the line, Paire doesn't think so but the umpire confirms it, 0-15.

Paire forehand winner, 15-30. Paire sprays a backhand wide, two match points for Norrie.

Norrie nets a backhand return, 30-40. Norrie forehand down the line winner. GAME SET MATCH NORRIE!

01:38 PM

Norrie 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 6-1, 4-5 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Paire destroys another weak Norrie second serve by drilling a backhand winner down the line, 15-30. Paire goes for it on the return but misses into the tramlines, 30-30.

Paire shanks a forehand long, 40-30. Paire forehand return long and Norrie holds.

Pressure right back on Paire now, who must hold serve to stay in the match.

01:34 PM

Norrie* 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 6-1, 4-4 Paire (*denotes next server)

Paire hits a double fault on the opening point. But responds with a forehand winner up the line.

Paire nets a drop shot, 15-30. Wrong shot selection there. Norrie with a running forehand winner down the line. Best shot of the match I think, 15-40.

Paire drop shot, Norrie reaches it, the players battle at the net before Paire drills a backhand winner.

Serve and volley by Paire but Norrie finds the width with his backhand return and Paire can't get his volley over the net.

Norrie breaks.

Cameron Norrie vs Benoit Paire: French Open 2023 first round live score - Getty Images/Julian Finney
Cameron Norrie vs Benoit Paire: French Open 2023 first round live score - Getty Images/Julian Finney

01:30 PM

Norrie 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 6-1, 3-4 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Paire overhead smash winner, 0-15. Paire pushes a forehand long, 30-15. Norrie ace, 40-15.

Norrie holds when Paire nets a forehand. Norrie is running out of time to break back.

01:27 PM

Norrie* 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 6-1, 2-4 Paire (*denotes next server)

Forehand drive volley winner by Paire, 30-15. Wayward forehand return by Norrie, 40-15. He has to get the ball back in play more.

Excellent play by Norrie to keep himself in the point and finish with a cross court backhand winner.

Paire forehand winner to close out the game. He's a couple of games away from an incredible win.

01:21 PM

Norrie 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 6-1, 2-3 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Weary return game from Paire and a brisk hold by Norrie. He's not giving up easily.

01:19 PM

Norrie* 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 6-1, 1-3 Paire (*denotes next server)

Paire forehand into the net, 15-30. Brutal rally by Norrie, really going after Paire's forehand and he eventually draws the error, 15-40.

Paire saves the first with a backhand winner. Norrie reaches a Paire drop shot but sends his effort into the tramlines. A bad miss that. Deuce.

Game and break points earned and saved by both players but Paire finally comes through it with an ace and gets the crowd on their feet.

The atmosphere is incredible.

French Open 2023 live: Cameron Norrie forces final set against Benoit Paire - Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach
French Open 2023 live: Cameron Norrie forces final set against Benoit Paire - Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach

01:08 PM

Norrie 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 6-1, 1-2 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Good length on the forehand by Paire and Norrie nets, 15-15. Paire hammers a forehand return down the line, 15-30. Norrie's second serve has been bullied today.

Norrie overhead winner, 30-30. And he holds to avoid a double break.

01:05 PM

Norrie* 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 6-1, 0-2 Paire (*denotes next server)

Head scratching start from Norrie, who seems to be struggling mentally.

Paire gets up to a short return and finishes with a backhand winner, 30-15.

Norrie forehand into the net, 40-15. Paire ace to hold. The Frenchman is reinvigorated!

01:02 PM

Fifth Set: Norrie 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 6-1, 0-1 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Both players take comfort break before the set. But only one of them seems to have come back as Paire races to 0-40 and three break points.

Norrie saves two of them but not the third as he pushes a backhand long. Paire breaks.

12:59 PM


Jack Draper - the big hope of British men’s tennis – is suddenly an injury doubt for Wimbledon after suffering yet another physical setback, writes Simon Briggs.

Draper pulled out of his opening match in Paris with a shoulder problem. It was only the latest in a series of issues that have dogged him this season, after earlier complications around his hip and his abdominals.

Facing Tomas Etcheverry on Court 9, 21-year-old Draper started serving underarm in the eighth game, but persisted until he had lost the first set and the first game of the second.

He called the trainer to the court at the end of that opening set and underwent a lengthy massage on his shoulder. He also took some pills. But when he told his support box that he was feeling “Much worse” as the match progress, they encouraged him to shake hands.

If Draper is thought to have brought his injury into the match, it is possible he could receive a fine. The grand slams encourage players who aren’t in competitive shape to pull out before the first round, offering them fifty per cent of first-round prize money if they do so.

That won't be his primary concern, however. His tennis game may be full of exciting potential but his body seems unwilling to cope with the rigours of the professional tour.

12:55 PM

Norrie* 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 6-1 Paire (*denotes next server)

The energy and intensity seems to be gone for Paire, barely moving his legs.

Two set points for Norrie after a backhand down the line. Deep Norrie return, Paire doesn't move and Norrie wins the fourth set.

12:53 PM

Norrie 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 5-1 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Norrie has won 17 of the last 20 points and leads this game, 30-0. Paire's game has disappeared.

Norrie forehand long, 30-30. Norrie holds to take a commanding lead and it looks like we are heading to five sets.

French Open 2023 live: Cameron Norrie on the brink of first round defeat to Benoit Paire - Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach
French Open 2023 live: Cameron Norrie on the brink of first round defeat to Benoit Paire - Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach

12:50 PM

Norrie* 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 4-1 Paire (*denotes next server)

Norrie blasts a backhand winner down the line, 0-30. Paire forehand into the net, 0-40.

Another Paire forehand error and Norrie breaks again.

12:47 PM

Norrie 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 3-1 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Another short second serve by Norrie is punished by Paire with a forehand return winner, 15-30. Norrie forehand winner down the line, 40-30.

Wrong footing backhand winner by Norrie to consolidate the break. The belief is growing in the Briton.

12:45 PM

Latest update from Simon Briggs, who is watching Jack Draper, at the French Open

Trainer on, actually seems to be working on the shoulder. Amazing how Draper keeps finding new ways to get hurt!

12:43 PM

Norrie* 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 2-1 Paire (*denotes next server)

Paire tries to be cute with a drop volley but nets, 0-30. An opening for Norrie?

Norrie dances around his backhand and hits a forehand winner, 0-40. Paire saves the first after drilling a backhand pass down the line and Norrie fails to get the ball back in play.

Paire forehand into the tramlines and Norrie breaks. Tame way to lose serve and potentially momentum.

12:40 PM

Norrie 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 1-1 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Norrie sprays a forehand into the tramlines, 30-30. Norrie's backhand is too short and Paire drills a forehand winner beyond him, 30-40.

Paire goes for it on the return but sends his backhand long. Norrie holds to get level in the set.

12:37 PM

Fourth Set: Norrie* 7-5, 4-6, 3-6, 0-1 Paire (*denotes next server)

Ideal start for Paire as he holds to 30. Norrie is unable to make an impression on the Frenchman's serve.

12:33 PM

Latest update from Simon Briggs, who is watching Jack Draper, at the French Open

Elsewhere at Roland Garros:

Bizarre scenes on court 9. Draper is hitting underarm serves and/or gentle overhead ones, which suggest that he has yet another physical issue - probably a recurrence of the abdominal problem that has dogged him since Indian Wells.

He is playing well from the baseline, though, and just managed to hold for 4-4. The smart thing, with the grass in mind, would surely be to withdraw.

12:31 PM

Norrie 7-5, 4-6, 3-6 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Paire overhead smash winner, 0-30. Norrie backhand into the tramlines, 15-40. Two set points.

Deep Paire returns, Norrie gets the ball back low, Paire's half volley sits up and Norrie puts away a forehand, 30-15.

Norrie drop shot, Paire responds with one of his own, Norrie gets there but can't get the ball over the net.

Paire takes the third set.

12:27 PM

Norrie* 7-5, 4-6, 3-5 Paire (*denotes next server)

Nerves from Paire as he miscues a forehand long then double faults, 0-30. Norrie pushes a backhand long, 30-30. Really poor shot.

Weak second serve by Paire and Norrie punishes him with a forehand winner, 30-40. Deep Norrie return and Paire nets a defensive sliced forehand.

Norrie breaks. A lifeline perhaps?

12:22 PM

Norrie 7-5, 4-6, 2-5 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Crucial game for Norrie this. Has to weather this storm from Paire, who is playing exceptionally.

And he holds to love very quickly. Paire had checked out of that game. But he has two chances to win the set.

12:20 PM

Norrie* 7-5, 4-6, 1-5 Paire (*denotes next server)

La Marseillaise is being sung on Lenglen by the Parisians. They are loving it at the moment.

Paire holds to love with an ace to put himself within a game of a two sets to one lead.

Cameron Norrie vs Benoit Paire: French Open 2023 first round live score - Getty Images/Anne-Christine Poujoulat
Cameron Norrie vs Benoit Paire: French Open 2023 first round live score - Getty Images/Anne-Christine Poujoulat

12:17 PM

Norrie 7-5, 4-6, 1-4 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Must win service game for Norrie to keep himself in the set.

He's pushed to 30-30 by Paire. The game goes to deuce when Norrie sends a backhand long.

Paire steps in on another Norrie second serve and drills a backhand return winner, break point. Norrie saves it when Paire sends a backhand long.

Norrie forehand long, break point Paire. Deep Norrie backhand and Paire nets a defensive sliced forehand.

Norrie drags a forehand into the tramlines, break point. Norrie struggles to put away the ball on multiple overhead smashes but eventually gets it done.

Paire fakes out Norrie with a deft shot up the line, break point. Norrie forehand into the tramlines.

Paire breaks.

12:07 PM

Norrie* 7-5, 4-6, 1-3 Paire (*denotes next server)

Big problems for Norrie at the moment.

Paire is in inspired form and the crowd is lifted. Norrie has no answer to Paire's level. This is about as focused as I've seen from Paire.

Norrie returns into the net and Paire holds to love.

12:03 PM

Norrie 7-5, 4-6, 1-2 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Weak Norrie second serve, Paire punishes him a deep forehand return, 0-30. Paire steps in again and drills another forehand winner down the line, 0-40. Three break points.

Norrie backhand long and Paire breaks.

12:00 PM

Norrie* 7-5, 4-6, 1-1 Paire (*denotes next server)

Classy finish at the net by Paire, 40-15. And he holds with an ace.

11:57 AM

Third Set: Norrie 7-5, 4-6, 1-0 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Davis Cup-like atmosphere here on Court Suzanne-Lenglen.

Confident start by Norrie as he holds to love and quietens the crowd.

Cameron Norrie vs Benoit Paire: French Open 2023 first round live score - Shutterstock/Christophe Petit Tesson
Cameron Norrie vs Benoit Paire: French Open 2023 first round live score - Shutterstock/Christophe Petit Tesson

11:51 AM

Norrie* 7-5, 4-6 Paire (*denotes next server)

If Paire gets the job down here, it will be the first time he's won a set against Norrie.

And he starts the game with a drive forehand winner, 15-0. Norrie has Paire on the back foot but inexplicably sends a forehand wide, 30-0.

Norrie slaps away a low smash after getting Paire on the run and earning a shot ball, 30-15. Paire double fault, just his fourth of the match, 30-30. Massive point coming up.

Norrie volley drops wide and hands Paire a set point. Huge roar from the crowd as Paire forces Norrie into a low volley, the ball sits up nicely and Paire finishes with a running forehand winner. Paire takes the set.

11:45 AM

Norrie 7-5, 4-5 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Paire steps in and drills a forehand winner off a weak second serve by Norrie, 0-30. Norrie gets Paire on the run and draws the error, 30-30.

Paire forehand into the net, 40-30. Norrie holds with a overhead winner. He turns and looks to his support box with a shake of the fist.

He has to break next to keep himself in the set.

11:41 AM

Norrie* 7-5, 3-5 Paire (*denotes next server)

Ace by Paire to start the game, his ninth of the match. He's in a smooth groove at the moment.

He then drills a blistering cross court backhand for a winner, 40-0. Double fault by Paire, 40-15.

Perfection by Paire as he lifts a lob over Norrie after a drop shot battle.

Cameron Norrie vs Benoit Paire: French Open 2023 first round live score - Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach
Cameron Norrie vs Benoit Paire: French Open 2023 first round live score - Reuters/Kai Pfaffenbach

11:37 AM

Norrie 7-5, 3-4 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Another love hold for Norrie despite continuing to have issues with his ball toss.

11:35 AM

Norrie* 7-5, 2-4 Paire (*denotes next server)

A careless volley into the net with the whole court available from Paire, 0-15. But he gets it right to make it 15-30.

Ace by Paire to finish and maintain his advantage.

11:31 AM

Norrie 7-5, 2-3 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Lovely feel by Norrie with a backhand drop shot, 40-0. And he holds to keep within striking distance for Paire.

11:28 AM

Norrie* 7-5, 1-3 Paire (*denotes next server)

Mis-hit forehand return by Norrie is left by Paire and it drops in, 15-30. Norrie makes Paire play another ball and the French player nets a backhand volley, 15-40.

Paire saves both break points with two timely first serves, deuce. Norrie stays tough at the net and finishes with a forehand volley winner, break point. Saved by Paire with an overhead smash.

Ace and a forehand error by Norrie allows Paire to consolidate the break.

11:23 AM

Norrie 7-5, 1-2 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Best forehand for the day from Paire as he slaps a forehand return winner down the line, 15-30. He then hits a backhand return winner, 30-30.

Hindrance call by the umpire against Norrie. He claims Norrie made a noise after his forehand down the line. Replays suggest it was a very harsh call. It means a break point for Paire.

And he takes it with his third return winner for the game. Paire breaks.

11:18 AM

Norrie* 7-5, 1-1 Paire (*denotes next server)

Paire's game has completely disappeared. Groans from the crowd too at his errors. But back-to-back return errors by Norrie makes it 30-30.

Deuce as Paire nets a forehand. He nets another forehand and it's break point Norrie. Paire saves it to keep himself in the game.

Superb low volley winner by Paire and he holds when Norrie nets a backhand. Credit to the Frenchman for hanging in.

11:11 AM

Second Set: Norrie 7-5, 1-0 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Love hold from Norrie to start the set.

Cameron Norrie vs Benoit Paire: French Open 2023 first round live score - Getty Images/Anne-Christine Poujoulat
Cameron Norrie vs Benoit Paire: French Open 2023 first round live score - Getty Images/Anne-Christine Poujoulat

11:08 AM

Norrie* 7-5 Paire (*denotes next server)

Paire dropshot into the net, 0-30. He responds with an ace. Paire hits another drop shot but Norries reads it and gets there easily to send a backhand winner down the line. Two set points.

Another Paire drop shot but he gets it horribly wrong, sending the shot into the tramlines.

Classic Paire meltdown.

11:04 AM

Norrie 6-5 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Paire and the fans starting to get frustrated with Norrie's ball toss issue.

But the Frenchman keeps his head and puts a forehand down the line for a winner, 15-30. Norrie forehand into the tramlines, break point Paire.

Excellent wide first serve by Norrie and Paire nets a backhand return, deuce. Double fault Norrie as he struggles with his ball toss again. Norrie gets Paire on the run and the Frenchman nets a forehand.

Another double fault by Norrie. But Paire is caught out again by a wide serve from Norrie.

Paire steps in and sends a backhand winner flying past Norrie. Norrie forehand winner to save break point.

Paire drills a backhand down the line, his sixth winner of the match, break point. Perfect wide serve by Norrie, flies away for an ace.

Norrie finally finishes off a tricky service game with a forehand winner down the line.

10:55 AM

Norrie* 5-5 Paire (*denotes next server)

More unforced errors from Paire, he's up to 18 for the match now. A bit for relief for him as Norrie sends a forehand return long, 15-30.

Good wide serve by Paire and he finishes with a forehand drive volley, 30-30. Ace by Paire, 40-30. Looping forehand by Norrie and Paire's response tamely goes into the net, deuce.

Paire forehand winner to hold.

Cameron Norrie vs Benoit Paire: French Open 2023 first round live score - Getty Images/Anne-Christine POUJOULAT
Cameron Norrie vs Benoit Paire: French Open 2023 first round live score - Getty Images/Anne-Christine POUJOULAT

10:49 AM

Norrie 5-4 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Errors starting to flow from the racket of Paire now. But he shows great timing to step in and crush a backhand return winner beyond Norrie, 30-15.

Norrie forehand into the net, 30-30. Paire rushes Norrie into a forehand error, 30-40. Paire tries to wrongfoot Norrie with a backhand down the line but gets it all wrong and nets, deuce.

Defensive Norrie backhand into the net, break point Paire. First forehand winner of the match from Norrie allows him to hold.

10:43 AM

Norrie* 4-4 Paire (*denotes next server)

At the changeover, Paire is seen by the tournament physio. Seems like he is still impacted by the slip he had in the opening game.

Paire sees the chance to come forehand and puts away a backhand volley for a winner, 15-15. Norrie finds Paire's forehand again and gets the error, 15-30.

Paire overhand winner after a great first serve, 30-30. Cagey rally between the players and Paire nets a forehand, 30-40.

Paire drop shot, Norrie gets there but miscues his forehand and the ball flies long, deuce.

Huge slice for fortune for Norrie, he reaches a Paire drop shot and the ball clips the net cord and runs away from Paire, break point.

Paire backhand long. Norrie breaks back.

10:36 AM

Norrie 3-4 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Wow. Paire shows great hustle to keep himself in the point and then lifts a lovely lob over Norrie's head, 0-30. The atmosphere is coming alive now.

But Paire's forehand lets him down with back-to-back errors. Break point Paire after Norrie puts a backhand long.

Lengthy rally, both players staying patient but this time Norrie cracks first when he sends a forehand into the tramlines.

Paire breaks.

10:32 AM

Norrie* 3-3 Paire (*denotes next server)

Two good returns by Norrie rushes Paire into errors and makes it 0-30. Paire double fault, 0-40.

The Frenchman saves the first when Norrie fails to return a deep forehand. Then the second when Norrie nets a backhand return.

And the third with a mis-hit forehand drive winner. Deuce.

Brilliant recovery sealed by Paire with a forehand winner then an ace.

10:26 AM

Norrie 3-2 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Double fault by Norrie, his first of the match. Paire forehand long, he doesn't think so but the umpire checks and confirms it, 30-15.

Norrie ace, 40-15. And he holds when Paire sends a backhand return wide.

10:23 AM

Norrie* 2-2 Paire (*denotes next server)

Norrie is starting to get some joy when he attacks Paire's forehand, 15-30. But Paire's backhand is standing up to the test as he drills a shot down the line, 30-30.

Norrie shanks a forehand long and Paire escapes that minor scare.

10:19 AM

Norrie 2-1 Paire* (*denotes next server)

Sloppy from Norrie as he drags back to back groundstrokes long, 30-30. Short lopping forehand by Norrie, Paire doesn't move his feet to get forward to the ball and nets a slice.

Norrie holds to maintain his lead.

10:16 AM

Norrie* 1-1 Paire (*denotes next server)

Paire attacks the net and finishes with a backhand volley winner, 15-15. He then follows up with a cross-court backhand winner after Norrie doesn't do enough with his forehand down the line.

Another cross-court backhand winner after an excellent drop shot to set it up, 40-30. An ace to finish the game from Paire.

Entertaining start.

10:12 AM

First Set: Cameron Norrie 1-0 Benoit Paire* (*denotes next server)

Norrie to serve first. There's a rousing atomsphere on Suzanne Lenglen for this one.

Paire slips as he tries to make a return, 30-15. Half of the court is in shadow and the wet clay hasn't dried yet.

Longest rally of the match, neither player looking to take the initiative but eventually Paire's forehand breaks down, 40-15.

And Norrie gets on the board when Paire sends a forehand long.

10:05 AM

Here come the players!

The players are on court and the warm up is under way.

10:01 AM

Order of play

Philippe Chatrier

(16) Karolina Pliskova (Cze) v Sloane Stephens (USA)

(3) Novak Djokovic (Ser) v Aleksandar Kovacevic (USA)

(5) Caroline Garcia (Fra) v Xiyu Wang (Chn)

(8) Jannik Sinner (Ita) v Alexandre Muller (Fra)

Suzanne Lenglen

Benoit Paire (Fra) v (14) Cameron Norrie (Gbr)

Elina Avanesyan (Rus) v (12) Belinda Bencic (Swi)

Carlos Alcaraz Garfia (Spa) v Flavio Cobolli (Ita)

Petra Kvitova (Cze) v Elisabetta Cocciaretto (Ita)

Simonne Mathieu

Kayla Day (USA) v Kristina Mladenovic (Fra)

(10) Felix Auger-Aliassime (Can) v Fabio Fognini (Ita)

Elina Svitolina (Ukr) v (26) Martina Trevisan (Ita)

Arthur Fils (Fra) v (29) Alejandro Davidovich Fokina (Spa)

09:55 AM

What happened the last time Norrie and Paire met?

09:43 AM

French Open: Day 2

Hello and welcome to coverage of day two from the French Open as Cameron Norrie gets his campaign under way.

The British No 1 has had a mixed season so far and arrives in Paris on the back of defeat at the Lyon Open last week. Norrie was beaten 6-3 6-0 and appeared to be struggling with a stomach issue.

The 27-year-old, who is Britain's main hope for success at the French Open, was the defending champion in Lyon but couldn't replicate his exploits from last year. This morning he faces unpredictable Frenchman Benoit Paire.

Elsewhere today, arlos Alcaraz and Novak Djokovic, two men expected to go far at the French Open, make their 2023 Roland Garros debuts against a pair of opponents who never have played a Grand Slam match.

Alcaraz, a 20-year-old from Spain ranked No. 1 who won the US Open in September, faces Flavio Cobolli, an Italian who is ranked 159th. Djokovic, who won two of his 22 major championships in Paris, takes on Aleksander Kovacevic, an American ranked 114th.

Asked to compare the Alcaraz of today to the Alcaraz of a year ago, his coach, 2003 French Open champion Juan Carlos Ferrero, began by saying: “As a person, I would say he’s more mature.”

And then Ferrero added: “As a player, I think he grows up, like, super fast on the court. He can, let’s say, read the matches a little bit better.”

Djokovic begins his bid to break the men's record he currently shares with Rafael Nadal by earning Grand Slam trophy No. 23. Djokovic also can become the only man with at least three titles from each major.

Meanwhile, Aryna Sabalenka and Marta Kostyuk were embroiled in a bitter row over the war in Ukraine after their tense first-round match at Roland Garros. Read more here.