Camila and Matthew McConaughey's Morning Routine Is Always the Same Even If They're 'in a Disagreement'

"It's the difference between marriage and dating," says Matthew McConaughey on the Your Mama's Kitchen podcast, hosted by Michele Norris

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Matthew and Camila McConaughey Reveal the Same Morning Routine Even If They're 'in a Disagreement'

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves McConaughey can always count on a cup of tea to smooth things over.

During Wednesday's upcoming episode of Your Mama's Kitchen podcast, host Michele Norris asks Matthew and Camila what they have learned in their kitchen about "how to argue productively."

The question prompted the pair to open up about a sweet morning routine that they stick to even if they’re arguing.

“I don't make my tea as good as you,” Matthew said to his wife in the exclusive clip shared with PEOPLE. “But the fact that you make my tea and serve me my tea in the morning makes me go: ‘It just taste better.’

He added: “Even if you and I are in a disagreement, the fact that you still make my tea in the morning, serving my tea ... it's the difference between being married and dating.”

On the podcast (produced by Barack and Michelle Obama's Higher Ground), Camila joked that it isn’t always easy powering through during disagreements.

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Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey

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“Yeah. Trust me, ladies, some mornings I do not want to serve that tea,” she quipped. Matthew responded: "But she still will make it for me anyway!”

Matthew argued that carrying out the simple ritual, no matter the situation, distinguishes “marriage and dating.”

“[When you're] dating somebody and suddenly you get in disagreement [you think] ‘oh, this is a sign of things to come. Better get out now.’ But you're married and you disagree. You're like, I'm not pulling the parachute," he said. "This is part I'm going to work through this. I'm still going to serve my man his tea.”

He pointed to another example. If he’s making a "steak and sushi dinner," he won’t just “quit serving” Camila if they get in a disagreement. “I'm still going to serve my lady at my steak sushi because I know she loves it, even though we may be in a disagreement,” he added.

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Michele Norris

Another way they find common ground through conflict is by finding something sweet to munch on. Matthew told Norris — who recently released her book Our Hidden Conversations: What Americans Really Think about Race and Identitythat "a sweet food can de-escalate some things, even if it's a nice piece of chocolate or some ice cream."

The full episode of Your Mama's Kitchen will be available on Audible on Wednesday, Jan. 24. Norris will also host Leslie Jones, Mark Cuban, Judy Blume, Bryant Terry, Tayari Jones and Maria Bamford in future episodes for season 1.

Matthew and Camila recently teamed up for a joint business venture: their new Pantalones Organic Tequila.

In a nod to the name of their project, they announced the news in October with a cheeky video in which they both were not wearing pants. The pair was seen speeding off on their own motorcycles in an agave field.

“When did tequila stop being tequila?” Matthew asked in the clip. Camila responded: “Right? Where’s the fun?”

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While the two sported coordinating aviator sunglasses and button downs, the next shot revealed that that was the extent of their outfits — though the screen blurred below the belt, of course. Unfazed, they rode off on a dirt path and look ahead.

After the McConaugheys, who share three kids together, toasted to their new adventure, the clip showed them from behind on foot as their pantsless bodies were once again blurred.

“Please do not keep yours on,” they both joked.

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