Sweden reach World Champs final

Sweden booked their place in the final of the Women’s World Curling Championship with a 7-6 extra-end win over Switzerland in the one-two playoff in Alberta.


Margaretha Sigfridsson broke down in tears after sealing the victory that saw Sweden remain on course to defend the title they won, albeit with a different skip, at the last World Championships.

“It was such a good game and it was so much fun to play it today,” said Sigfridsson. “It feels so great at the moment. We had such good energy and the team was so good. We performed really well today.

“My doubt was in the 10th end because a lot of our stones got stuck that we didn’t want to. It was really hard for Maria (last-rock thrower Prytz) to miss her first stone.

“It was one of our best games. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get Maria’s stones where I wanted all the time, but she performed well.”

Mirjam Ott’s Switzerland drops back into Saturday night’s semi-final where they will face either Canada or South Korea.

Heather Nedohin led Canada to a 9-8 tie-breaker win over the US to claim the three-four playoff berth.

“The one thing I took away from all the texts and the e-mails I got last night was ‘keep beliveing’,” the Canadian skip said.

“So we believe. A lot of Canadian girls in front of us have done great jobs and we anticipate and hope to do the same.”

After back-to-back losses on Thursday, which saw Canada drop from the top two, Nedohin bounced back into form with a shooting percentage of 95 per cent in the tie-breaker.

Third Beth Iskiw, lead Jessica Mair and lead Laine Peters also shot at over 90 per cent.

"We said to her 'we win as a team. we lose as a team.' That was not all on her," lead Laine Peters said." She tried to take that, but no, we didn't let her."

"You just have one of those moments where you go 'ok, do you want or don't you want it?' And we want it.”

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