Canada donates demining robots to Ukraine

Digital Vanguard-S
Digital Vanguard-S

Ukrainian rescue services have received six Digital Vanguard-S robots donated by Canada for remote demining operations, Ukraine’s State Emergency Service (SES) announced on Nov. 6.

The robots will assist Ukrainian sappers in neutralizing hazardous explosives in populated areas.

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The Digital Vanguard-S robotic systems have been allocated to sapper units in Mykolaiv and Zaporizhzhya oblasts, sappers in the Luhansk garrison currently working in Kherson Oblast, as well as several SES Rapid Response Centers.

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According to the SES, currently 30% (174,000 square kilometers) of the country's total area is potentially dangerous.

"Given such a vast scope, the new equipment will help deminers conduct reconnaissance and neutralize ammunition faster and with less risk to their health and lives," the statement said.

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Thanks to wireless and wired connections, the robots can work up to five hours and perform various tasks – remotely destroying explosive objects or scouting the terrain.

Equipped with three cameras, the Digital Vanguard-S allows the operator to observe the manipulation process, receive a clear and high-quality real-time image of the work site.

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