Canada Soccer president resigns in stand-off with national teams

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Nick Bontis has resigned as president of Canada Soccer as the federation still has not secured a collective bargaining agreement with its national teams.

Canada Soccer has come under increasing pressure from its men's and women's sides amid a pay dispute.

The women's team planned a strike earlier this month but backtracked following the threat of legal action.

They played instead "under protest" and openly discussed the possibility of boycotting an April camp if an agreement has not been reached by that stage.

Bontis' departure perhaps hints at some form of progress, however, as both the men's and women's teams have asked for changes to Canada Soccer's leadership.

As his exit – effectively immediately – was confirmed on Monday, Bontis said in a statement: "Canada Soccer and both of our national team programs have the real potential to sign a historic collective bargaining agreement.

"Once signed, it will be a landmark deal that will set our nation apart from virtually every other FIFA member association.

"While I have been one of the biggest proponents of equalising the competitive performance environment for our women's national team, I will unfortunately not be leading this organisation when it happens. I acknowledge that this moment requires change."