A Canadian animal shelter's 'camera broke' so it posted hilarious sketches of pets up for adoption instead

Addison is cute in sketch form and in real life.Ottawa Humane Society
  • The Ottawa Humane Society decided to test its artistic skills by drawing its available pets.

  • The shelter posted on social media that its "camera broke" so staff had to draw the animals.

  • It posted sketches of a dog, a cat, and two bunnies who are all looking for forever homes.

The Ottawa Humane Society decided to get creative on social media earlier this month to raise awareness for the many adorable shelter animals who are looking for families to adopt them.

Instead of posting normal photos, the shelter wrote on Twitter that its camera broke, and instead shared hilarious — and accurate — drawings of some of the pets available.

In the first round, the shelter posted about Addison, "a *beautiful* two-year-old pug mix." She's since been adopted.


When that proved a hit, drawings of rabbits Espresso and Annie were shared as well.

According to the shelter's website, both of these rabbits are still available for adoption.

Last up was Pumpkin, "a six-year-old cat who can be frightened of new people and situations, but she's even sweeter than her name."

"We thought it would be funny if we pretended our camera broke and were forced to draw the animals," Stephen Smith, Ottawa Humane Society's communications manager, told Newsweek. "We also hoped it would be disruptive and different since our feed is always filled with quality photos of animals."

It was such a hit that a few weeks later, another drawing popped up on Twitter, this time of a cat named Mojo. Happily, he's already been adopted too.

You can visit the Ottawa Humane Society's website or its Twitter for more information on adopting.

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