Give Your Canned Tuna A New Lease On Life With Some BBQ Sauce

BBQ tuna salad sliders
BBQ tuna salad sliders - P Kyriakos/Shutterstock

You can add BBQ sauce to all kinds of dishes to give them a delicious infusion of sweet, smoky, and tangy flavor. Some of these recipes include chicken wings, ribs, baked beans, and pulled turkey sandwiches. But one food that you may not have thought of that actually tastes delicious when blended with BBQ sauce is canned tuna. There are many canned tuna varieties that offer different flavors and textures, which could result in varying tastes when mixed with different BBQ sauces. However, if you love the moist, tender texture and sweet taste of pulled pork, but you no longer eat pork for whatever reason, mixing BBQ sauce with your favorite canned tuna may give you one of the best substitutes.

To make the simplest dish that you can enjoy with BBQ sauce and canned tuna as your only ingredients, drain a can of tuna and mix it with BBQ sauce in a bowl. It will be ready to serve and enjoy as a delicious snack or a meal. But if you want to level up your canned tuna-BBQ sauce experience, there are all kinds of other dishes that will provide you with a delightfully flavorful experience. Before you set out to make any of those dishes, you should know the flavors and textures that different canned tunas and BBQ sauces will bring to your meals.

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You Can Blend These Canned Tuna And BBQ Sauces

Alabama White Sauce
Alabama White Sauce - NatalyaBond/Shutterstock

You can purchase the best store-bought barbecue sauces to mix with canned tuna. But if you want to make your own BBQ sauce at home, you can try your hand at replicating regional BBQ sauces. You may be able to reproduce the visual aesthetic of tuna mixed with its classic partner mayonnaise by blending your canned tuna with Alabama White BBQ Sauce since it's mayonnaise-based, which, like mayo, helps make it white in color. While perhaps giving you the ability to make a fake-out tuna-mayo recipe, Alabama White Sauce will also give your dish some creamy and tangy flavor. If you mix your canned tuna with Kansas City BBQ Sauce, it'll be infused with some sweet and spicy flavor from that thick sauce. If you prefer a thinner sauce to blend with your canned tuna with sweetness and tang, opt for Memphis-style BBQ sauce.

You can also make your own canned tuna to mix with your preferred BBQ sauce. If you go to the grocery store to buy canned tuna, you'll have several types of canned tuna available to you that vary in flavor and texture. Albacore tuna has a very subtle flavor without much "fishiness." Skipjack tuna is tender, chunky, salty, and very fishy. Bigeye tuna is very sweet and solid. Ventresca tuna will provide the sweetest and most tender meat. After picking your BBQ sauce and canned tuna, it's time to combine them to make some delicious dishes.

Try Making These Dishes With BBQ Sauce And Canned Tuna Ingredients

BBQ Tuna Fritters
BBQ Tuna Fritters - Nwphotoguy/Getty Images

Your dish options that include canned tuna and BBQ sauce ingredients range from delicious comfort food to hearty meals. If you're looking for a great appetizer to serve at a barbecue, game night, birthday party, or a special dinner, you can make tuna sliders and incorporate honey BBQ sauce in your recipe. The sweet flavor of the sauce will taste great with the soft meat in your tiny sandwiches.

The next time you're thinking of whipping up pan-fried tuna patties with sriracha mayo, trade out that mayo for BBQ sauce to give your tuna fritters some delicious tang. Just mix in the BBQ sauce with the rest of your tuna mixture before cooking the patties. After you use the Sous Vide Technique to perfectly cook some tuna steaks, douse your tender meat with BBQ sauce to make them taste sweeter and smokier. Canned tuna and BBQ sauce may just become your new favorite combination.

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