'Cannot Wait': Adam Sandler Shared The Trailer For His New Movie Leo, And Fans Had Nothing But Kind Words

 Adam Sandler in You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah.
Adam Sandler in You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah.

For years now, Adam Sandler has easily proven himself to be a huge draw for Netflix,  where each of his streaming projects has enjoyed much success on the service's Top 10 charts, with 2023 alone already having delivered Murder Mystery 2 and You Are Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah. (Not to mention The Out-Laws, which he produced through Happy Madison Productions.) I looks like the third time's yet another charm for the Sandman, with his new animated comedy Leo set to premiere in mid-November, and fans oozed only kind words and compliments after he shared the trailer on social media.

With as simple a caption as can be, albeit still a positive-minded one, Sandler posted the Leo trailer on Instagram, and his comments were populated by almost entirely positive reactions, anticipation, and a general outpouring of appreciation for everything he delivers. Check it out below!

Leo marks Adam Sandler's biggest animated feature outside of the Hotel Transylvania franchise, and the emotionally poignant storyline could make it a huge hit for viewers of all ages. In it, he plays a jaded lizard who aims to add a spark to his dull life as an elementary school's class pet. But he ends up adding that spark to all of the students he meets, thanks to both the fact that he can talk and the fact that he can dispense pretty good life advice for a non-human entity. With Bill Burr, Cecily Strong and Jason Alexander also starring, Leo looks like a fun and heartfelt romp on the other end of the comedic spectrum from some of Sandler's more R-rated fare.

And as already mentioned, the actor's fans and followers exuded positivity for the new movie and for Sandler all around. Even for all that his live-action comedies can polarize audiences, depending on their maturity levels, the reactions to this trailer were almost shockingly free from snark or any other usual forms of Internet trollery. For instance, here are a swath of fans sharing similar levels of high anticipation to watch with loved ones.

  • I can’t wait to take my kids to see this movie!!! - @hilary.meloan

  • Can’t wait to see this with the kids ❤️ - @wachofam

  • Aww I can’t wait for my daughter to watch this with me ! 😍❤️ - @jhennig98

  • Can’t wait to see it with my teenage kids this holiday season 😂 - @id8pr

  • Can't wait to take my kiddo ❤️ - @posh_hippie

Now here's a group of fans who just wanted to say thanks, in case the warm and fuzzies weren't already approaching.

  • Thank you for bringing so much joy to the world ❤️🙌 I can’t wait to watch this - @chadtepper

  • Thank you Adam for making family movies we love ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hugs Tess - @tess_labella

  • Thanks for making awesome movies my whole life bro 😎 - @boelledge

  • Damn… ever since i had kids @adamsandler you literally give us entertainment 💯🙏🏾 since before i was even born… thank u - @dreko_24

For a smattering of other positive reactions that celebrate the soundtrack, the emotional pull, and the actor's genre-defying appeal, check out the comments below.

  • Just when I thought Adam Sandler couldn’t get any better!! And always putting the 80’s music in, nice touch!! 🎵 - @scottagecheezenb

  • Is this going to make me cry? 😂 Adam Sandler isn't supposed to make you cry 😂 - @arlieangel

  • idc what movie this man stars in imma watch it 😂 kids movie or not count me in ❤️👏 - @kylieee_3.0

  • Looks like it’s gonna be another cartoon that makes me sad 😢 but also hilarious at the same time? Bro pick one sandman - @japanesebikesandwomensrights

  • Congratulations on another amazing job 👏🏻💗 - @faby_hss

And to close it all out, we have the co-director of one of Adam Sandler's must-watch movies, Uncut Gems. Even Benny Safdie is all about some feel-good lizard comedy from co-directors Robert Smigel, Robert Marianetti, and David Wachtenheim.


Be sure to stream Leo with a Netflix subscription when it premieres on Tuesday, November 21. Head to our Netflix movie schedule to see what else is debuting soon.