Make your car-loving kid their own DIY gas station using cardboard boxes

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These parents on TikTok made an epic DIY gas station out of cardboard boxes for their car-loving toddler, and it’s cuteness overload!

TikToker Celena Kinsey (@celenakinsey) is a busy parent who frequently posts clips of DIY projects and sensory play activities. In one of her videos, the crafty mom takes viewers on a step-by-step tutorial for making a DIY gas station out of cardboard boxes, and TikTokers cannot handle the cuteness.

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“If you have a car-loving kiddo, then you need this DIY gas station,” Kinsey says at the beginning of the clip, over footage of her son filling up his Little Tikes car.

To make this DIY gas station, Kinsey instructs viewers to take a small and a large cardboard box and then tape the small box onto the larger one.

She then decorates the outside using construction paper, cardboard, and foam stickers to create the buttons and monitors seen on the front of gas pumps.

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Last but not least, Kinsey makes the gas pump hose by attaching a long tube to a spray bottle nozzle, then fastening it to the side of the box with the help of a few incisions in the cardboard.

The finished product is a full-service gas station complete with premium, plus, and regular gas options. Little drivers can pay for their gas using the paper keypad and cardboard credit card slot. Two other cardboard screens are pasted next to the payment pad, indicating the price and the gallon amount while kids fill up their Little Tikes cars with the makeshift hose.

Viewers were beyond impressed with Kinsey’s creative craft.

“First off, this is the cutest thing ever, and he looks so happy! Good job, momma,” one user complimented.

“Me saving this for the kids I don’t have,” joked one TikToker with a string of writing emojis.

“That’s cool! My brother would love this,” one thoughtful sibling shared.

It’s amazing how a little imagination can transform an ordinary cardboard box into something extraordinary. As seen in the video, Kinsey clearly knows how to think outside the box when it comes to playtime.

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