Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina somehow gets baseball stuck on him

Sporting News

During the Cardinals-Cubs game Thursday, something happened that we can't quite explain. It's best to just see it for yourself.

That is a baseball stuck to the chest protector of Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina. How did it get there? Cubs pinch-hitter Matt Szczur was at bat and struck out, but Molina mishandled the final strike. He couldn't get it in his glove, and that's how it wound up on his body.

As for what's making it stick? Our best guess is Molina has a lot of pine tar on himself. Either that, or there's some wizardry going on.

Also, you might be wondering why Molina looks frustrated. That's because since he dropped the strikeout pitch, it allowedSzczur to get on base since he couldn't throw it to first in time. To make matters worse, Kyle Schwarber hit a home run during the next at-bat to driveSzczur home.

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