Carles Cuadrat calls for fair refereeing

Bengaluru FC won 2-1 against FC Goa and closed the gap at the top of the Indian Super League (ISL) table to two points.

However, coach Carles Cuadrat wasn’t pleased with some of the contentious refereeing decisions.

"Ashique (Kuruniyan) has been down with fever during this week and at the problem at the moment is that his muscles collapsed in both his legs. He had cramps in the calves, in the hamstrings and in the quadriceps, completely collapsed.

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“I'm sorry but I cannot understand when a guy has a health risk how the match commissioner and the referees were screaming, 'common, fair play' and 'get up'. If they have to give eight minutes (extra time), give eight minutes. If they have to give 10 minutes, give 10. We are not a team making a comedy,” he stated.

When Goa scored the equalizer through Hugo Boumous, Cuadrat was complaining in an animated fashion. The Spaniard explained the reason as to why he was incensed in the first place.

"Also [for] the goal of Goa, the ball is touching the referee and the new rules say that you have to stop the ball and give the ball to the team who has possession. So it was the first transition and they take advantage of that. We cannot allow it. We have a very big problem in India with that. In the first half, he stopped our counter-attacks and in the second half he allowed the play to continue,” he mentioned.

Hugo Boumous Bengaluru FC FC Goa ISL 6
Hugo Boumous Bengaluru FC FC Goa ISL 6

Cuadrat was booked for his complaints by the referee and the Bengaluru coach came to the defence of his compatriot, namely Sergio Lobera of FC Goa who was suspended for the tie in Bangalore.

“I should get a red card. And they are going to punish Sergio Lobera? Lobera got a yellow card because there were many people asking the fourth official and when the referee is not clear, you have to show the yellow card to the coach. Yellow card to the coach of Chennai (Owen Coyle) and yellow card to the coach of Goa. People love Lobera. He is a true sportsman, he doesn't do crazy things.

“I think all the coaches will have a meeting soon to talk about the things to improve in the Indian Super League and it's very important,” he reasoned.

He also spoke on how Erik Paartalu was booked in what was his very challenge of the evening.

"Seriton (Fernandes) stopped the counter-attack four times. Erik did it too and got a yellow, and it's fair. But you must understand that the other guy is also doing it so show him the yellow card (too). Simple rules,” he pointed.

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