Carlos Alcaraz vs Jack Draper LIVE: British No 1 stuns Wimbledon champion in Queen’s second round

Carlos Alcaraz vs Jack Draper LIVE: British No 1 stuns Wimbledon champion in Queen’s second round

Jack Draper outperformed world No 2 Carlos Alcaraz for the biggest win of his career in the Queen’s second round on Thursday.

The new British No 1, who won his first tour title on the grass of Stuttgart last week, was a deserved winner against Alcaraz after taking the first set on a tie-break.

Draper then secured a crucial break of serve with a backhand return winner and did not falter as he served out a 7-6(3), 6-3 win against the defending Wimbledon champion.

Draper, 22, will face American fifth seed Tommy Paul in the quarter-finals on Friday.

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  • Jack Draper secures biggest win of his career, beating Carlos Alcaraz 7-6(3) 6-3

  • Draper faces Tommy Paul, who beat Alejandro Tabilo 6-3 6-4

  • Andy Murray has given an injury update ahead of Wimbledon

  • Murray withdrew from his second round match due to a back injury

The key to Jack Draper landing biggest win of his career against Carlos Alcaraz at Queen’s

16:30 , Kieran Jackson

A figure of composure and poise throughout what would transpire to be the biggest afternoon of his career so far, Jack Draper could not contain his emotions any longer by the end. Calm at the moment of triumph, when Carlos Alcaraz whipped a final forehand into the net, respectful at the shake of hands, the 22-year-old from Sutton in south London leapt up in the air and screamed towards his elated player box.

Nineteen years on from Andy Murray’s emergence to the British public at Queen’s – and a day after the two-time Wimbledon champion retired with the end of his career close now – this felt like a statement win. A changing of the guard: Draper has arrived.

And it wasn’t just the impressive straight-set scoreline, 7-6(3), 6-3, which caught the eye on a sunny afternoon in West Kensington. Nor was it restricting Alcaraz, one of the game’s great returners, to just one break point all afternoon. It was everything working exquisitely in tandem with Draper – undeterred by a rare miss – playing with complete clarity. This was all-out attack.

Full report below:

The key to Draper landing biggest win of his career against Alcaraz at Queen’s

GAME, SET AND MATCH - Jack Draper beats Carlos Alcaraz 7-6(3) 6-3

15:18 , Kieran Jackson

Draper has done it! He jumps into the air in celebration after the handshake - that’s the biggest win of his career!

Alcaraz is pumped from the off in the final gane, as Draper misses a volley into the net and pushes a backhand long for 0-30. Draper finds his first serve down the T, before Alcaraz nets a forehand return.

30-30 - and another swinging serve down the T for an ace!

Match point No 4 - and Alcaraz nets a forehand!

The defending champion is out!

Harris 6-4 7-5 Mpetshi Perricard

18:59 , Kieran Jackson

Game, set and match Billy Harris!

More joy for the Brits at Queens as the wild card makes the quarter-finals!

Harris 6-4 Mpetshi Perricard

16:03 , Kieran Jackson

More good news for British fans!

Wild card Billy Harris has taken the first set, 6-4, against Frenchman Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard - and has sealed it with a terrific forehand inside-out winner!

Here’s Jack Draper’s celebrations:

15:45 , Kieran Jackson

Jack Draper will face fifth seed Tommy Paul in the quarter-finals:

15:29 , Kieran Jackson

Some images from Draper’s sensational win against Alcaraz!

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 (Getty Images for LTA)
(Getty Images for LTA)

Jack Draper after beating Carlos Alcaraz:

15:22 , Kieran Jackson

“It was a really tough match, Carlos is defending champion, won at Wimbledon, incredible talent, had to come out and play really well and luckily I did, thank you.

“There’s no place I’d rather be right now, the British support is amazing, I’ve been desperate to come back.

“Got my Grandad here, turned 80! My Mum over there – thank you!”

Carlos Alcaraz 6-7(3) 3-5 Jack Draper*

15:15 , Kieran Jackson

Three match points come and go for Draper in a lengthy game!

Alcaraz misses some uncharacteristic forehands and, with Draper continuing to be aggressive, he brings up two match points at 15-40!

Alcaraz saves the first with an ace down the T and the second as Draper’s blocked return goes long!

Draper stays in the game, ad down, with a brilliant drop-shot and backhand down the line - and then does so again with a slapped forehand return winner, coming in at 92mph!

Alcaraz then pushes his backhand long to bring up a third match point - which the Spaniard saves with a huge serve out wide!

Alcaraz gets it done, after 12 minutes, and let’s out a huge “Come on!” - he’s still in it! But Draper will now serve for the match.

*Carlos Alcaraz 6-7(3) 2-5 Jack Draper

15:02 , Kieran Jackson

Alcaraz is not done yet, as he tries to take control and, at 30-30, he comes to the net on return with Draper netting!

His first break point of the match - and Draper hits an outrageous backhand half-volley bang on the line!

Deuce - ace down the T from Draper. and Alcaraz goes long on the forehand!

Just a game away from the biggest ranking win of his career!

 (Getty Images for LTA)
(Getty Images for LTA)

Carlos Alcaraz 6-7(3) 2-4 Jack Draper*

14:57 , Kieran Jackson

Draper breaks!

Alcaraz looks fine at 30-15 but Draper’s heavy groundstrokes are just too much for Alcaraz right now!

The Brit brings up the first break point of the match with a brilliant backhand down-the-line and volley put-away - and seals the break with a storming backhand return winner!

Nerves... what nerves! Draper in control now...

*Carlos Alcaraz 6-7(3) 2-3 Jack Draper

14:52 , Kieran Jackson

More monstrous serving from Draper before Alcaraz nets a forehand at 40-15.

Draper looking very, very comfortable here!

Carlos Alcaraz 6-7(3) 2-2 Jack Draper*

14:50 , Kieran Jackson

A slam-dunk smash from Alcaraz to start his service game - and he duly doesn’t miss a first serve as he now holds to love, sealing it with a deft serve-and-volley!

Still not a break point to speak of...

*Carlos Alcaraz 6-7(3) 1-2 Jack Draper

14:47 , Kieran Jackson

Another Draper hold to love - and Alcaraz is not a happy man!

He’s making his frustration known to his team by the side of the court, but unfortunately, my Spanish isn’t good enough to communicate what he’s annoyed about to you - sorry!

Carlos Alcaraz 6-7(3) 1-1 Jack Draper*

14:46 , Kieran Jackson

Alcaraz - after a 10 minutes to forget - holds comfortably to 15.

He needs to get some momentum going does the Spaniard...

*Carlos Alcaraz 6-7(3) 0-1 Jack Draper

14:44 , Kieran Jackson

Draper holds - again not a problem!

Alcaraz is just unable to make any moves on the Brit’s serve just far! Super start to this match from Draper!

Carlos Alcaraz 6-7(3) Jack Draper*

14:37 , Kieran Jackson

Alcaraz pushes a backhand long to give Draper five set points at 6-1!

Alcaraz saves both on his serve, the second via a lovely whipped forehand, but the British No 1 seals it as the Spaniard nets on return!

First set to Draper - and what an impressive set it was!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Carlos Alcaraz 6-6 (1-5) Jack Draper*

14:34 , Kieran Jackson

One-way traffic so far!

Alcaraz goes long on the forehand side to open up the breaker, before doing the same on the backhand side!

Draper again finds his first serve for 3-0 - and a terrific backhand return by the Brit is irretrievable for Alcaraz, who then gets on the board for 4-1...

Any nerves, Jack? Doesn’t look it. Ace out wide!

5-1 at the change of ends...

*Carlos Alcaraz 6-6 Jack Draper

14:30 , Kieran Jackson

Draper starts the game with a double-fault but recovers, crucially landing his first-serve and even Alcaraz can’t make any headway with that.

A tie-break it is!

Carlos Alcaraz 6-5 Jack Draper*

14:28 , Kieran Jackson

The huge serving continues aplenty from Alcaraz, who this time holds to 15!

More drop shots and variation entering the fray now too.

Draper will serve now to take us to what has felt like an inevitable tie-break...

*Carlos Alcaraz 5-5 Jack Draper

14:23 , Kieran Jackson

Ridiculous read from Alcaraz to start the game, as what looks a simple forehand put-away by Draper is anticipated by Alcaraz and he passes into the open court.

Draper then misses at 15-15, before hitting a well-timed ace down the T.

Alcaraz then misses a return before Draper hits another ace - this time out wide!

And the Brit gets out of jail quite superbly!

Carlos Alcaraz 5-4 Jack Draper*

14:20 , Kieran Jackson

Another routine hold for the 21-year-old Spaniard - both men utterly dominant behind their serve.

For now.

*Carlos Alcaraz 4-4 Jack Draper

14:17 , Kieran Jackson

And Draper follows it up with a love hold.

A brilliant mix of drop shots, serve-and-volley and clever defensive skills.

Nothing to split them after eight games.

Carlos Alcaraz 4-3 Jack Draper*

14:14 , Kieran Jackson

A hold to love for Alcaraz.

Starting to feel that the Spaniard, after a slow start, is just starting to get in his groove now...

*Carlos Alcaraz 3-3 Jack Draper

14:11 , Kieran Jackson

Another impressive service hold for Draper.

Alcaraz, arguably the best returner in the game right now, has not had a look-in...

Carlos Alcaraz 3-2 Jack Draper*

14:06 , Kieran Jackson

For the third game running, Alcaraz finds himself in a spot of bother at 15-30 - and he then spends about a minute trying to fend off a bee which is circling around him!

A few big shots for 40-30 before a netted drop shot by the Spaniard drags the game to deuce.

Yet another huge serve and missed Draper forehand sees another potential break opportunity just pass him by.

Alcaraz in conversation with chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani at the change-of-ends, I believe, about the shot clock. Most unlike Alcaraz...

*Carlos Alcaraz 2-2 Jack Draper

14:00 , Kieran Jackson

Draper looks to have missed a routine backhand put-away to start the game off but is successful via a challenge, but via a double fault and Draper miss, the game goes to 30-30.

Alcaraz lets him off the hook by just going wide on forehand, before the British No 1 rips a forehand winner crosscourt!

Stunning shot! And he holds...

Carlos Alcaraz 2-1 Jack Draper*

13:53 , Kieran Jackson

Explosive return at 15-15 by Draper which leads to a slice into the net from Alcaraz, before the Spaniard’s serve gets him out of trouble.

On serve early on here...

*Carlos Alcaraz 1-1 Jack Draper

13:49 , Kieran Jackson

A much more routine service hold for Draper, who builds behind his big first serve to get a lead before Alcaraz goes long on the backhand side at 40-30.

One game apiece.

Carlos Alcaraz 1-0 Jack Draper*

13:46 , Kieran Jackson

Tight game to kick things off!

Draper taking the ball early and squeezes the game back to deuce yet after a few missed shots, the defending champion eventually holds...

Carlos Alcaraz vs Jack Draper LIVE:

13:42 , Kieran Jackson

Alcaraz will start out on serve here...

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)
 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Carlos Alcaraz vs Jack Draper LIVE:

13:31 , Kieran Jackson

Here come the players out onto Centre Court!

It’s a warm, cloudy day in west Kensington for this encounter - Alcaraz won the previous two meetings but this is their first clash on grass!

GAME, SET AND MATCH - Tommy Paul beats Alejandro Tabilo 6-3 6-4

13:20 , Kieran Jackson

The American fifth seed is through to the quarter-finals at Queen’s Club!

Bit of a cruise for Paul today, far superior out on court!

And he will face the winner of the highly-anticipated match-up to come between Carlos Alcaraz and Jack Draper!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Alejandro Tabilo 3-6 3-4 Tommy Paul*

13:13 , Kieran Jackson

One-way traffic at the moment, with Paul needing only to hold serve twice more to secure a safe passage to tomorrow’s quarter-finals.

Alcaraz and Draper may well be on very shortly...

Alejandro Tabilo 3-6 Tommy Paul

12:55 , Kieran Jackson

A crucial break of serve came in the fourth game in favour of the American and Tommy Paul closes out the first set, 6-3.

Can Tabilo - ranked 11 places below - respond in the second?

Alejandro Tabilo (CHI) vs Tommy Paul (USA) LIVE:

12:13 , Kieran Jackson

The first match of the day on Centre Court at Queen’s Club sees fifth seed Tommy Paul take on Chilean player Alejandro Tabilo.

It is their first meeting - and Paul has held serve to open up proceedings!

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)
 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Order of play for Thursday 20 June

12:00 , Kieran Jackson

Centre court

from 12pm BST

Alejandro Tabilo (CHI) vs Tommy Paul (USA)

followed by

Carlos Alcaraz (ESP) vs Jack Draper (GBR)

followed by

Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard (FRA) vs Billy Harris (GBR)

followed by

Brandon Nakashima (USA) vs Lorenzo Musetti (ITA)

Andy Murray speaking to the press on Wednesday:

11:53 , Kieran Jackson

Do you know where this injury leaves you going forward?

“Well no, not entirely. I haven’t seen a specialist or scans.

The treatment I had on my back after the French Open was predominantly left-sided, this was my right leg. I’ve had back issues for a long time, last 10 years or so, common for a lot of players but I’ve never had that loss of coordination and control and strength before.”

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Andy Murray gives update after injury scare casts doubt over final Wimbledon

11:45 , Kieran Jackson

Andy Murray admits he doesn’t know at this stage if he will play at his final Wimbledon after being forced to retire from his match at Queen’s on Wednesday.

The 37-year-old withdrew from his second-round match after just five games at Queen’s against Jordan Thompson, due to a back injury and pain in his right leg.

Speaking in his press conference at Queen’s, Murray stated he will get a scan today, adding that he has been “struggling with his back for quite a while” and had no coordination in his right leg out on court.

Full quotes below:

Andy Murray gives update after injury scare casts doubt over final Wimbledon

When is Carlos Alcaraz vs Jack Draper?

11:41 , Kieran Jackson

The second-round match will be played at Queen’s Club on Thursday 20 June.

It will be the second match of the day on Centre Court, so will start around 1:30pm (approx.)

It will follow fifth seed Tommy Paul’s match against Alejandro Tabilo, which starts at 12:00.

Carlos Alcaraz vs Jack Draper LIVE:

11:40 , Kieran Jackson

Carlos Alcaraz takes on the new British No 1 Jack Draper in the match of the day on Thursday at Queen’s Club.

Three-time Grand Slam champion Alcaraz is looking to defend his title this week but has a tricky encounter against a man in form in Draper, who won his first tour title in Stuttgart last week.

British wild card Billy Harris is also in second round action on Centre Court, as is fifth seed Tommy Paul and Italian player Lorenzo Musetti.

Andy Murray was forced to retire from his second-round match on Wednesday, plunging his participation at his final Wimbledon into major doubt.

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)
 (Getty Images)
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