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Castleford have called on fans to attend a 'crucial event'

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Castleford have called on fans to attend a 'crucial event'

Castleford have given a nod towards possible off-field troubles at the club by calling their fans to what they describe as "one of the most important events in their 86-year history".

In an invitation issued on Wednesday, chief executive Steve Ferres touched on the challenges he feels his club are facing, and urged supporters to attend the "critical" event on October 9 at the Castleford Civic Centre.

Ferres, who took office at Castleford earlier this year, said: "There isn't any doubt that the club is in a precarious position and one that cannot be resolved quickly or easily."

He went on: "It is now time to be honest with the fans. The club has a vision for the future and knows what it needs to do to move forward but there are significant obstacles to face before it can get there.

"I think it is very important that the fans understand what these challenges are before they are asked to commit as season ticket holders for next season."

Castleford have a stated aim of having 5,000 fans signed up for season passes for the 2013 campaign.

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