Casualty to expose Jodie Whyte's secret this weekend

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Casualty to expose Jodie Whyte's secret BBC

Casualty spoilers follow.

Casualty will expose Jodie Whyte and Max Christie's connection this weekend – but makes an error in doing so.

It was recently confirmed that newcomer Jodie is Max's estranged daughter, though Jodie wants nothing to do with him and doesn't want anyone else to find out. However, when Ryan notices the pair getting closer, he completely misunderstands how they know each other.

In upcoming scenes, Jodie wakes up with a terrible hangover and is urged to get out and about by Cam and Rida, who don't understand why she's been drinking so heavily.

jodie whyte, casualty

Max discovers Jodie, who is upset. He initially has little sympathy for her, until he remembers that it's exactly two years to the day since Jodie's mum died. Max invites Jodie for a coffee and offers to listen if she wants to talk, but she doesn't think it's a good idea.

Meanwhile, Ryan tells Donna that he thinks Max is sleeping with Jodie. Donna tells him she thinks the suggestion is ridiculous – but decides to try and find out more.

After Max has glowing praise for Jodie's work, Donna outright asks him if there's anything going on between them. But Max simply brushes it off, telling Donna that a rumour like that could hurt Jodie's career.

Jodie later tries her best to help a patient named Thuly, who was hurt during an immigration raid and is currently being watched over by police officers who believe she is a people trafficker.

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Thuly denies everything and begs Jodie to borrow a phone so she can call her little sister Binh and check in on her. Jodie later discovers Binh, who is also injured, hiding in the hospital.

Jodie, who believes Thuly, tries to persuade Max to treat Binh without telling the police. She's relieved when Max assures her that they would try and help Binh in the proper manner, despite his reminder that their role is to treat patients, not to pass judgements.

Meanwhile, Rida warns Jodie about the rumours she's sleeping with Max, before advising her to come clean about how they know each other. But Jodie isn't willing to be known in the hospital as 'Max's daughter'.

She keeps busy by helping Stevie care for Freya, a patient who has been bitten by a dog. Stevie prescribes the appropriate course of action, but Jodie forgets to give Freya antibiotics before sending her away.

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Jodie then agrees to let Binh see Thuly, but their reunion is interrupted when a police officer bursts in.

Max orders him out of the room and then tells Binh and Thuly that they can only stay together until they've been treated, because there would then be no medical reason for them to keep the police away.

Thuly and Binh are frightened about being split up again and beg Jodie for help, but she tells them there's nothing else she can do. The sisters then set off a canister of tear gas, which gives Binh the chance to escape.

Max later checks on Jodie and tells her that it's not a good idea to take her out for coffee because of all the rumours about them. Jodie understands, though she had come around to the idea and was secretly looking forward to reconnecting with her dad.

After Donna later discovers that someone sent Freya away without antibiotics, Max decides to protect Jodie by covering up the mistake.

Casualty airs on Saturdays on BBC One and streams on BBC iPlayer.

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