Casualty fans praise 'fantastic' performance after SHOCK admission: 'Absolutely destroyed'

 Faith looking in the mirror.
Faith looking in the mirror.

Casualty stars were deeply moved by last night's episode of the BBC show, which saw Faith finally facing up to her addiction problems.

Last night's episode of Casualty (which aired Saturday, 9th September 2023) was an emotional rollercoaster where Faith admitted she needed help after lying about having cancer to cover up her drug issue.

Casualty viewers took to social media to show their appreciation for the harrowing scenes, praising actor Kirsty Mitchell's portrayal of Faith.

'Finally managed to catch up on Saturday's #Casualty and just Wow!!' wrote one impressed fan on Twitter.

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While another wrote, 'One last #Casualty tweet I promise buuut @KirstyLMitchell and @elinor_lawless absolutely destroyed me in that last scene .

'Stevie showing up for her best friend and Faith finally acknowledging she needs help, i'm fully invested in where this goes from here...'

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To which another fan replied, 'Omg me too, I think the fact that it resonates with my experience but also a silent load of people who can relate with both Stevie and Faith, just stirs up so many emotions.

'I think I’ve cried at every episode of Casualty since I started watching it again.'

And Kirsty Mitchell. who plays Faith in the show replied herself with a teaser for the BBC show, writing, 'Stay with much to come!!'

And another said, 'Just caught up with tonight’s #casualty and wow what an episode! @Dibot1 @KirstyLMitchell you two are incredible actresses!'

Another wrote of the episode, 'Once again @KirstyLMitchell you made me cry with your performance I'm so glad Faith admitted it & now with Stevie's help hopefully she will get the help she wants & needs.'

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Other fans commented on how much they enjoyed the show in general last night, with another writing, 'What a totally superb episode!

'Di Botcher is a phenomenal actress. Such plausible stories. The leukaemia patient excellent performance! But the Asian shopkeeper. Nathan? Seriously!'

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Tune in next week to see what's next for Faith.

Casualty is on (most!) Saturdays on BBC One. The latest episodes are available on BBC iPlayer.

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