Casualty fans are ALL saying the same thing after this SHOCKING incident

 Teddy sets his sights on Jodie.
Teddy sets his sights on Jodie.

Casualty fans have been left horrified by the latest scenes of the BBC medical drama, which saw one of the show's most-loved characters fall victim to assault.

In last night's Casualty episode (which aired Saturday, 31st March) we saw Teddy Gowan and Iain Dean called out to deal with a drunken accident at a hen party.

After being called out several times to an inebriated hen party, Teddy is corned by some of the women in the back of an ambulance. When he emerges, the medic is visually shaken - much to the shock of viewers.

'Oh my god what have those girls done to poor Teddy,' wrote one fan on X (formerly Twitter), accompanied by a broken heart emoji.

Fans also shared a dark theory on what could have happened to the medic. Another said, 'I reckon those girls sexually assaulted Teddy as one of their “dares”.'

While another wrote on the social media platform, 'What happened to Teddy in the back of the Ambulance? I'm intrigued.'

To which another fan replied, 'I read an interview from the actor and he said that teddy was sexually assaulted.'

While another fan wrote, 'Felt really uncomfortable watching teddy in the ambulance when she shut the door. Such a good story and highlight that men can be sexually assaulted. I hope he speaks up.'

While another said, 'I'm intrigued to see where Teddy's storyline goes. As I was assaulted a few years ago and am still getting over it. However, I'm not happy that Jodie is being shoehorned into another storyline. Can we have a second without her please? It's getting annoying!'

We hope you're ok, Teddy! Tune in next week on Saturday 6th April to find out what's next in store for the residents of Holby ED.

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