Caviar and Champagne Flow Freely 24/7 on This Luxury Cruise Line

Really, what more do you need?



Picture this: An electric blue iceberg floats past portside as your mother-of-pearl spoon scoops a heap of caviar onto a blini. You pop it into your mouth and chase it with a sip of Champagne as a humpback whale is spotted fluking in the distance.

Sure, the whales and icebergs are the stuff of travel dreams, but did we mention the caviar is included? Seabourn’s all-inclusive, 24/7 caviar service takes cruising to a new level of luxury, and for travelers, it’s a majorly mouth-watering perk.

“Reliving those special nights on Seabourn with my husband and our friends is a memory I treasure,” says travel expert Olivia Liveng. “There was something incredibly romantic about sneaking out for Champagne and caviar at 1 a.m. Sitting there, with the night sky above us, enjoying some of the finest treats life has to offer — all donning bathrobes, of course.”

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Whether you’re lounging in bed while crossing the Drake Passage, passing by palm trees in the Caribbean, or enjoying afternoon tea cruising The Kimberley, endless Regiis Ova caviar is available on demand.



Meaning “royal egg” in Latin, Regiss Ova was co-founded by Michelin star chef Thomas Keller, with each tin of salty goodness sourced from his favorite sustainable farms. So, passengers will find the same caviar they’re digging into atop Michelin-star dishes at The French Laundry and Per Se.

Aboard Seabourn, this bonafide black gold is served the traditional way over ice and on a silver platter. Chopped red onion, crumbled boiled egg yolk, egg whites, sour cream, and Melba toast or blinis accompany it. Paired perfectly with a dry vodka martini or glass of bubbly, it’s one of Seabourn’s most ordered items day or night.

“Caviar is one of our guests’ favorite offerings because they can get it with the ring of a phone,” says Seabourn’s SVP of guest operations, Gerald Mosslinger. “If you’re waking up and want to indulge in caviar with your eggs on your private veranda or winding down at the end of the night for a snack before bed, caviar can be delivered 24/7 to your suite.” That's certainly one way to get us onboard, but now, we may never want to leave.

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