Celebrate Her announces relaunch with new cocktail in support of International Women’s Day

David Ellis
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<p>Raise a toast: the new cocktail has been sent out to more than 100 industry professionals</p> (Glenfiddich/Celebrate Her)

Raise a toast: the new cocktail has been sent out to more than 100 industry professionals

(Glenfiddich/Celebrate Her)

Hospitality organisation Celebrate Her has partnered with one of Scotland’s biggest whiskies to launch a cocktail in support of International Women’s Day, marking the return of the group after Covid interrupted its work.

The collective is calling on the hospitality industry at large to raise a glass of its “Golden Era” cocktail – mixed from using Glenfiddich scotch, Sauternes, Crème de Pèche, and orange and absinthe bitters – at 5pm today, in the name of this year’s IWD theme, Choose To Challenge.

The concept encourages people to recognise and call out acts of the gender bias and gender inequality that occur day-to-day. The cocktail has already been sent out to more than 100 hospitality professionals for a virtual toast.

Besides supporting IWD, the cocktail announces the relaunch of Celebrate Her, which first emerged in November 2019 as a project by Artesian bar manager, Anna Sebastian. Set in motion initially as a pop-up at the Langham hotel, the project ran a series of small events to showcase female bartenders and offer women networking opportunities in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

After a year of interruption owing to the pandemic, Sebastian is getting the project back off the ground this summer, with Celebrate Her becoming a not-for-profit organisation that will promote equality across hospitality. Sebastian says the group will “provide financial support to go towards educational causes for womxn in the hospitality industry, with the aim to elevate and progress their careers.”

The organisation will offer training, support and opportunities for women working in restaurants, pubs and bars to meet and share ideas. A year-long mentorship scheme will launch in June, with more details on celebrateher.me.

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