Celebs Go Dating introduces new format twist

chloe burrows, adam collard, spuddz, vanessa feltz, lottie moss and mark francis vandelli, celebs go dating season 12
Celebs Go Dating introduces new format twistChannel 4

Celebs Go Dating spoilers follow.

Celebs Go Dating introduced a new twist on the format, with the first Celebs Brunch taking place.

In years gone by, the celebrities have only ever received feedback from the workers at the dating agency, but the trio - Paul Carrick Brunson, Tara Suwinyattichaiporn and Anna Williamson - had a surprise in store for this year’s cast.

As the six celebrities - Lottie Moss, Adam Collard, Chloe Burrows, Mark-Francis Vandelli, Vanessa Feltz and Spuddz - settled down and tucked into the food, the experts informed the group that they would be receiving feedback… from their own dates!

chloe burrows, adam collard, spuddz, vanessa feltz, lottie moss and mark francis vandelli, celebs go dating season 12
Channel 4

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Vanessa was first up to receive comments, with her dates with Alex and Richard notably not going well. As Vanessa said her date with the former lacked a “bit of fun”, Chloe remarked that she “absolutely tore him a new one.”

Things got heated when Richard spoke his mind, as he said he found Vanessa “unapproachable”, with certain sections like “pulling teeth”; Vanessa noted that she was “fuming” in the VT.

The broadcaster was then faced with an ultimatum (kind of), as she had the option of dating either of the pair again or leaving her fate with the experts to find a new prospective partner; understandably. she chose the latter option.

Made in Chelsea star Mark-Francis, who had been labelled a “master deflector” by the experts and one of his dates, continued to put on a show by opting to pick neither of his two dates, as he wanted “an 11” rather than “two 10's.”

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Chloe and Lottie heard their feedback together as they picked the same two dates from the mixer, with Love Island star Adam looking on intently as he had already spent some time with the latter.

Chloe, who had a disastrous time with one date, opted to trust the agency in finding her another match, whilst Lottie secured a second date with Finton. Adam, who is now in a relationship with Lottie, also opted for a follow-up date with Jasmine - before Paul dropped a bombshell.

He revealed in front of everybody, including a hysterical Chloe, that Lottie and Adam had hooked up earlier in the week, leaving both of their dates the option of stepping away in light of the new information.

They both opted to give the new connections another try, but next week's teaser hints at looming trouble...

Celebs Go Dating airs on E4.

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