How Celtic are 'disadvantaged' by VAR as former referee spots negative impact

Celtic are prevented from playing the way they want to by VAR, former referee Hugh Dallas claims.

Since the introduction of the Video Assistant Referee last season, we've often seen how it can slow down a game because of the need for regular checks on incidents. And with the Hoops wanting to play fast and restart the game quickly as soon as the ball goes out the pitch, that is where they are negatively impacted.

Dallas told BBC Sportsound: "I’ve not got the experience these guys have had with playing, but within the first month that it was introduced I all of a sudden noticed how it affected Celtic. Because when Celtic restart play from a goal kick they get the ball thrown to them quickly, it’s down and it’s away.

"They can’t do that now. Because when the ball goes out of play they will say ‘check, wait, wait, delay the restart, delay, delay deal, ok we can go’. All of a sudden that spontaneity was gone. I just found as a non-football knowledge that changed one team.”

Dundee manager Tony Docherty expressed frustration with how long VAR checks take and Dallas agreed there was an issue.

He said: "There is a lot of issues with that at the moment. We are talking about VAR checks taking long enough at the moment. A lot of people don't understand the protocol with VAR - you check a penalty incident then you have got to go back and look if it was offside.

"We had a situation in the Old Firm game earlier in the season, and then you have got to say if it's not offside was there any foul play in the lead up. That takes a long, long time before you can make a decision."