Champion bodyboarder killed by shark

A champion bodyboarder has been killed by a shark in Cape Town.


David Lilienfeld, 20, had his leg bitten off by a five-metre great white in the water in Gordon's Bay. He was helped by his brother and friends to nearby rocks but died before paramedics could reach him.

"The deceased man sustained complete amputation of his right leg, below the hip, while bodyboarding with his brother and friends and he was rescued from the water by his brother, friends and bystanders," said Craig Lambinon, spokesman for the National Sea Rescue Institute

"The leg has not been recovered. The deceased man's father arrived on-scene and Police Trauma Counsellors are assisting the family."

As a result, a documentary film crew that was luring sharks with bait in waters off Cape Town was forced to stop filming.

The crew had been 'chumming' – a practice that involves using fish and blood to lure sharks – but after Lilienfeld's death, their permit was revoked, although another spokesperson, Zolile Nqayi, said that it had been withdrawn to avert panic amongst the public and not because it was in any way linked to the shark attack.

Lilienfeld was an acclaimed bodyboarder and had represented his country at the sport.

It is the second fatal shark attack to have occurred in South Africa this year, in January a swimmer named Lungisani Msungubana was attacked the rural Eastern Cape region of the country.

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