Championship 2022/23 season fixtures in full: Match schedule, dates and kick-off times

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The new Championship season kicks off on July 29 as Huddersfield welcome relegated Burnley to the John Smith's Stadium for a Friday night contest.

The Terriers narrowly missed out on promotion to the Premier League last season after losing to Nottingham Forest in agonising fashion in the play-off final at Wembley and begin the new campaign against a likely promotion rival in Burnley, who are now under the management of Manchester City legend Vincent Kompany after their demotion from the top-flight on the final day.

QPR will start life under new manager Michael Beale away against Blackburn, with Millwall kicking off the new season at home to Stoke as they target a push for the play-offs. Norwich travel to Cardiff as they look to mount yet another promotion charge.

Coventry are the visitors to the Stadium of Light in Sunderland’s first match back at this level for four years, while fellow newly-promoted clubs Rotherham and Wigan also have home matches to start against Swansea and Preston respectively.

The opening weekend concludes on Monday night as relegated Watford host fellow promotion hopefuls Sheffield United at Vicarage Road.

The season concludes on May 6, with a month-long pause in November and December for the inaugural winter World Cup in Qatar.

Championship 2022/23 fixture list in full

29/07/202220:00Huddersfield Town v Burnley

30/07/202215:00Blackburn Rovers v Queens Park Rangers

30/07/202215:00Blackpool v Reading

30/07/202215:00Cardiff City v Norwich City

30/07/202215:00Hull City v Bristol City

30/07/202215:00Luton Town v Birmingham City

30/07/202217:30Middlesbrough v West Bromwich Albion

30/07/202215:00Millwall v Stoke City

30/07/202215:00Rotherham United v Swansea City

30/07/202215:00Wigan Athletic v Preston North End

31/07/202212:00Sunderland v Coventry City

01/08/202220:00Watford v Sheffield United

06/08/202215:00Birmingham City v Huddersfield Town

06/08/202215:00Bristol City v Sunderland

06/08/202215:00Burnley v Luton Town

06/08/202215:00Coventry City v Rotherham United

06/08/202215:00Norwich City v Wigan Athletic

06/08/202215:00Preston North End v Hull City

06/08/202215:00Queens Park Rangers v Middlesbrough

06/08/202215:00Reading v Cardiff City

06/08/202215:00Sheffield United v Millwall

06/08/202215:00Stoke City v Blackpool

06/08/202215:00Swansea City v Blackburn Rovers

06/08/202215:00West Bromwich Albion v Watford

13/08/202215:00Blackburn Rovers v West Bromwich Albion

13/08/202215:00Blackpool v Swansea City

13/08/202215:00Cardiff City v Birmingham City

13/08/202215:00Huddersfield Town v Stoke City

13/08/202215:00Hull City v Norwich City

13/08/202215:00Luton Town v Preston North End

13/08/202215:00Middlesbrough v Sheffield United

13/08/202215:00Millwall v Coventry City

13/08/202215:00Rotherham United v Reading

13/08/202215:00Sunderland v Queens Park Rangers

13/08/202215:00Watford v Burnley

13/08/202215:00Wigan Athletic v Bristol City

16/08/202219:45Birmingham City v Watford

16/08/202219:45Bristol City v Luton Town

16/08/202219:45Burnley v Hull City

16/08/202219:45Coventry City v Wigan Athletic

16/08/202219:45Norwich City v Huddersfield Town

16/08/202219:45Preston North End v Rotherham United

16/08/202219:45Queens Park Rangers v Blackpool

16/08/202220:00Reading v Blackburn Rovers

16/08/202219:45Sheffield United v Sunderland

16/08/202220:00Stoke City v Middlesbrough

16/08/202219:45Swansea City v Millwall

16/08/202220:00West Bromwich Albion v Cardiff City

20/08/202215:00Birmingham City v Wigan Athletic

20/08/202215:00Bristol City v Cardiff City

20/08/202215:00Burnley v Blackpool

20/08/202215:00Coventry City v Huddersfield Town

20/08/202215:00Norwich City v Millwall

20/08/202215:00Preston North End v Watford

20/08/202215:00Queens Park Rangers v Rotherham United

20/08/202215:00Reading v Middlesbrough

20/08/202215:00Sheffield United v Blackburn Rovers

20/08/202215:00Stoke City v Sunderland

20/08/202215:00Swansea City v Luton Town

20/08/202215:00West Bromwich Albion v Hull City

27/08/202215:00Blackburn Rovers v Stoke City

27/08/202215:00Blackpool v Bristol City

27/08/202215:00Cardiff City v Preston North End

27/08/202215:00Huddersfield Town v West Bromwich Albion

27/08/202215:00Hull City v Coventry City

27/08/202215:00Luton Town v Sheffield United

27/08/202215:00Middlesbrough v Swansea City

27/08/202215:00Millwall v Reading

27/08/202215:00Rotherham United v Birmingham City

27/08/202215:00Sunderland v Norwich City

27/08/202215:00Watford v Queens Park Rangers

27/08/202215:00Wigan Athletic v Burnley

30/08/202219:45Birmingham City v Norwich City

30/08/202219:45Burnley v Millwall

30/08/202219:45Cardiff City v Luton Town

30/08/202219:45Queens Park Rangers v Hull City

30/08/202219:45Watford v Middlesbrough

30/08/202219:45Wigan Athletic v West Bromwich Albion

31/08/202219:45Blackpool v Blackburn Rovers

31/08/202219:45Bristol City v Huddersfield Town

31/08/202219:45Coventry City v Preston North End

31/08/202219:45Sheffield United v Reading

31/08/202220:00Stoke City v Swansea City

31/08/202219:45Sunderland v Rotherham United

03/09/202215:00Blackburn Rovers v Bristol City

03/09/202215:00Huddersfield Town v Blackpool

03/09/202215:00Hull City v Sheffield United

03/09/202215:00Luton Town v Wigan Athletic

03/09/202215:00Middlesbrough v Sunderland

03/09/202215:00Millwall v Cardiff City

03/09/202215:00Norwich City v Coventry City

03/09/202215:00Preston North End v Birmingham City

03/09/202215:00Reading v Stoke City

03/09/202215:00Rotherham United v Watford

03/09/202215:00Swansea City v Queens Park Rangers

03/09/202215:00West Bromwich Albion v Burnley

10/09/202215:00Birmingham City v Swansea City

10/09/202215:00Blackpool v Middlesbrough

10/09/202215:00Bristol City v Preston North End

10/09/202215:00Burnley v Norwich City

10/09/202215:00Cardiff City v Hull City

10/09/202215:00Coventry City v West Bromwich Albion

10/09/202215:00Queens Park Rangers v Huddersfield Town

10/09/202215:00Sheffield United v Rotherham United

10/09/202215:00Stoke City v Luton Town

10/09/202215:00Sunderland v Millwall

10/09/202215:00Watford v Reading

10/09/202215:00Wigan Athletic v Blackburn Rovers

13/09/202219:45Blackburn Rovers v Watford

13/09/202219:45Huddersfield Town v Wigan Athletic

13/09/202219:45Hull City v Stoke City

13/09/202219:45Middlesbrough v Cardiff City

13/09/202219:45Preston North End v Burnley

13/09/202219:45Swansea City v Sheffield United

14/09/202219:45Luton Town v Coventry City

14/09/202219:45Millwall v Queens Park Rangers

14/09/202219:45Norwich City v Bristol City

14/09/202220:00Reading v Sunderland

14/09/202219:45Rotherham United v Blackpool

14/09/202220:00West Bromwich Albion v Birmingham City

17/09/202215:00Birmingham City v Coventry City

17/09/202215:00Burnley v Bristol City

17/09/202215:00Huddersfield Town v Cardiff City

17/09/202215:00Luton Town v Blackburn Rovers

17/09/202215:00Middlesbrough v Rotherham United

17/09/202215:00Millwall v Blackpool

17/09/202215:00Norwich City v West Bromwich Albion

17/09/202215:00Preston North End v Sheffield United

17/09/202215:00Queens Park Rangers v Stoke City

17/09/202215:00Swansea City v Hull City

17/09/202215:00Watford v Sunderland

17/09/202215:00Wigan Athletic v Reading

01/10/202215:00Blackburn Rovers v Millwall

01/10/202215:00Blackpool v Norwich City

01/10/202215:00Bristol City v Queens Park Rangers

01/10/202215:00Cardiff City v Burnley

01/10/202215:00Coventry City v Middlesbrough

01/10/202215:00Hull City v Luton Town

01/10/202215:00Reading v Huddersfield Town

01/10/202215:00Rotherham United v Wigan Athletic

01/10/202215:00Sheffield United v Birmingham City

01/10/202215:00Stoke City v Watford

01/10/202215:00Sunderland v Preston North End

01/10/202215:00West Bromwich Albion v Swansea City

04/10/202219:45Bristol City v Coventry City

04/10/202219:45Cardiff City v Blackburn Rovers

04/10/202219:45Luton Town v Huddersfield Town

04/10/202220:00Reading v Norwich City

04/10/202219:45Sheffield United v Queens Park Rangers

04/10/202219:45Sunderland v Blackpool

05/10/202219:45Burnley v Stoke City

05/10/202219:45Hull City v Wigan Athletic

05/10/202219:45Middlesbrough v Birmingham City

05/10/202219:45Preston North End v West Bromwich Albion

05/10/202219:45Rotherham United v Millwall

05/10/202219:45Watford v Swansea City

08/10/202215:00Birmingham City v Bristol City

08/10/202215:00Blackburn Rovers v Rotherham United

08/10/202215:00Blackpool v Watford

08/10/202215:00Coventry City v Burnley

08/10/202215:00Huddersfield Town v Hull City

08/10/202215:00Millwall v Middlesbrough

08/10/202215:00Norwich City v Preston North End

08/10/202215:00Queens Park Rangers v Reading

08/10/202215:00Stoke City v Sheffield United

08/10/202215:00Swansea City v Sunderland

08/10/202215:00West Bromwich Albion v Luton Town

08/10/202215:00Wigan Athletic v Cardiff City

15/10/202215:00Bristol City v Millwall

15/10/202215:00Burnley v Swansea City

15/10/202215:00Cardiff City v Coventry City

15/10/202215:00Hull City v Birmingham City

15/10/202215:00Luton Town v Queens Park Rangers

15/10/202215:00Middlesbrough v Blackburn Rovers

15/10/202215:00Preston North End v Stoke City

15/10/202215:00Reading v West Bromwich Albion

15/10/202215:00Rotherham United v Huddersfield Town

15/10/202215:00Sheffield United v Blackpool

15/10/202215:00Sunderland v Wigan Athletic

15/10/202215:00Watford v Norwich City

18/10/202219:45Blackburn Rovers v Sunderland

18/10/202219:45Huddersfield Town v Preston North End

18/10/202219:45Norwich City v Luton Town

18/10/202220:00Stoke City v Rotherham United

18/10/202219:45Swansea City v Reading

18/10/202220:00West Bromwich Albion v Bristol City

19/10/202219:45Birmingham City v Burnley

19/10/202219:45Blackpool v Hull City

19/10/202219:45Coventry City v Sheffield United

19/10/202219:45Millwall v Watford

19/10/202219:45Queens Park Rangers v Cardiff City

19/10/202219:45Wigan Athletic v Middlesbrough

22/10/202215:00Blackburn Rovers v Birmingham City

22/10/202215:00Blackpool v Preston North End

22/10/202215:00Middlesbrough v Huddersfield Town

22/10/202215:00Millwall v West Bromwich Albion

22/10/202215:00Queens Park Rangers v Wigan Athletic

22/10/202215:00Reading v Bristol City

22/10/202215:00Rotherham United v Hull City

22/10/202215:00Sheffield United v Norwich City

22/10/202215:00Stoke City v Coventry City

22/10/202215:00Sunderland v Burnley

22/10/202215:00Swansea City v Cardiff City

22/10/202215:00Watford v Luton Town

29/10/202215:00Birmingham City v Queens Park Rangers

29/10/202215:00Bristol City v Swansea City

29/10/202215:00Burnley v Reading

29/10/202215:00Cardiff City v Rotherham United

29/10/202215:00Coventry City v Blackpool

29/10/202215:00Huddersfield Town v Millwall

29/10/202215:00Hull City v Blackburn Rovers

29/10/202215:00Luton Town v Sunderland

29/10/202215:00Norwich City v Stoke City

29/10/202215:00Preston North End v Middlesbrough

29/10/202215:00West Bromwich Albion v Sheffield United

29/10/202215:00Wigan Athletic v Watford

01/11/202219:45Bristol City v Sheffield United

01/11/202219:45Coventry City v Blackburn Rovers

01/11/202219:45Hull City v Middlesbrough

01/11/202219:45Luton Town v Reading

01/11/202219:45Preston North End v Swansea City

01/11/202220:00West Bromwich Albion v Blackpool

02/11/202219:45Birmingham City v Millwall

02/11/202219:45Burnley v Rotherham United

02/11/202219:45Cardiff City v Watford

02/11/202219:45Huddersfield Town v Sunderland

02/11/202219:45Norwich City v Queens Park Rangers

02/11/202219:45Wigan Athletic v Stoke City

05/11/202215:00Blackburn Rovers v Huddersfield Town

05/11/202215:00Blackpool v Luton Town

05/11/202215:00Middlesbrough v Bristol City

05/11/202215:00Millwall v Hull City

05/11/202215:00Queens Park Rangers v West Bromwich Albion

05/11/202215:00Reading v Preston North End

05/11/202215:00Rotherham United v Norwich City

05/11/202215:00Sheffield United v Burnley

05/11/202215:00Stoke City v Birmingham City

05/11/202215:00Sunderland v Cardiff City

05/11/202215:00Swansea City v Wigan Athletic

05/11/202215:00Watford v Coventry City

12/11/202215:00Birmingham City v Sunderland

12/11/202215:00Bristol City v Watford

12/11/202215:00Burnley v Blackburn Rovers

12/11/202215:00Cardiff City v Sheffield United

12/11/202215:00Coventry City v Queens Park Rangers

12/11/202215:00Huddersfield Town v Swansea City

12/11/202215:00Hull City v Reading

12/11/202215:00Luton Town v Rotherham United

12/11/202215:00Norwich City v Middlesbrough

12/11/202215:00Preston North End v Millwall

12/11/202215:00West Bromwich Albion v Stoke City

12/11/202215:00Wigan Athletic v Blackpool

10/12/202215:00Blackburn Rovers v Preston North End

10/12/202215:00Blackpool v Birmingham City

10/12/202215:00Middlesbrough v Luton Town

10/12/202215:00Millwall v Wigan Athletic

10/12/202215:00Queens Park Rangers v Burnley

10/12/202215:00Reading v Coventry City

10/12/202215:00Rotherham United v Bristol City

10/12/202215:00Sheffield United v Huddersfield Town

10/12/202215:00Stoke City v Cardiff City

10/12/202215:00Sunderland v West Bromwich Albion

10/12/202215:00Swansea City v Norwich City

10/12/202215:00Watford v Hull City

17/12/202215:00Birmingham City v Reading

17/12/202215:00Bristol City v Stoke City

17/12/202215:00Burnley v Middlesbrough

17/12/202215:00Cardiff City v Blackpool

17/12/202215:00Coventry City v Swansea City

17/12/202215:00Huddersfield Town v Watford

17/12/202215:00Hull City v Sunderland

17/12/202215:00Luton Town v Millwall

17/12/202215:00Norwich City v Blackburn Rovers

17/12/202215:00Preston North End v Queens Park Rangers

17/12/202215:00West Bromwich Albion v Rotherham United

17/12/202215:00Wigan Athletic v Sheffield United

26/12/202215:00Bristol City v West Bromwich Albion

26/12/202215:00Burnley v Birmingham City

26/12/202215:00Cardiff City v Queens Park Rangers

26/12/202215:00Hull City v Blackpool

26/12/202215:00Luton Town v Norwich City

26/12/202215:00Middlesbrough v Wigan Athletic

26/12/202215:00Preston North End v Huddersfield Town

26/12/202215:00Reading v Swansea City

26/12/202215:00Rotherham United v Stoke City

26/12/202215:00Sheffield United v Coventry City

26/12/202215:00Sunderland v Blackburn Rovers

26/12/202215:00Watford v Millwall

29/12/202219:45Birmingham City v Hull City

29/12/202219:45Blackburn Rovers v Middlesbrough

29/12/202219:45Blackpool v Sheffield United

29/12/202219:45Coventry City v Cardiff City

29/12/202219:45Huddersfield Town v Rotherham United

29/12/202219:45Millwall v Bristol City

29/12/202219:45Norwich City v Reading

29/12/202219:45Queens Park Rangers v Luton Town

29/12/202220:00Stoke City v Burnley

29/12/202219:45Swansea City v Watford

29/12/202220:00West Bromwich Albion v Preston North End

29/12/202219:45Wigan Athletic v Sunderland

01/01/202315:00Birmingham City v Middlesbrough

01/01/202315:00Blackburn Rovers v Cardiff City

01/01/202315:00Blackpool v Sunderland

01/01/202315:00Coventry City v Bristol City

01/01/202315:00Huddersfield Town v Luton Town

01/01/202315:00Millwall v Rotherham United

01/01/202315:00Norwich City v Watford

01/01/202315:00Queens Park Rangers v Sheffield United

01/01/202315:00Stoke City v Preston North End

01/01/202315:00Swansea City v Burnley

01/01/202315:00West Bromwich Albion v Reading

01/01/202315:00Wigan Athletic v Hull City

14/01/202315:00Bristol City v Birmingham City

14/01/202315:00Burnley v Coventry City

14/01/202315:00Cardiff City v Wigan Athletic

14/01/202315:00Hull City v Huddersfield Town

14/01/202315:00Luton Town v West Bromwich Albion

14/01/202315:00Middlesbrough v Millwall

14/01/202315:00Preston North End v Norwich City

14/01/202315:00Reading v Queens Park Rangers

14/01/202315:00Rotherham United v Blackburn Rovers

14/01/202315:00Sheffield United v Stoke City

14/01/202315:00Sunderland v Swansea City

14/01/202315:00Watford v Blackpool

21/01/202315:00Birmingham City v Preston North End

21/01/202315:00Blackpool v Huddersfield Town

21/01/202315:00Bristol City v Blackburn Rovers

21/01/202315:00Burnley v West Bromwich Albion

21/01/202315:00Cardiff City v Millwall

21/01/202315:00Coventry City v Norwich City

21/01/202315:00Queens Park Rangers v Swansea City

21/01/202315:00Sheffield United v Hull City

21/01/202315:00Stoke City v Reading

21/01/202315:00Sunderland v Middlesbrough

21/01/202315:00Watford v Rotherham United

21/01/202315:00Wigan Athletic v Luton Town

28/01/202315:00Blackburn Rovers v Blackpool

28/01/202315:00Huddersfield Town v Bristol City

28/01/202315:00Hull City v Queens Park Rangers

28/01/202315:00Luton Town v Cardiff City

28/01/202315:00Middlesbrough v Watford

28/01/202315:00Millwall v Burnley

28/01/202315:00Norwich City v Birmingham City

28/01/202315:00Preston North End v Coventry City

28/01/202315:00Reading v Sheffield United

28/01/202315:00Rotherham United v Sunderland

28/01/202315:00Swansea City v Stoke City

28/01/202315:00West Bromwich Albion v Wigan Athletic

04/02/202315:00Blackburn Rovers v Wigan Athletic

04/02/202315:00Huddersfield Town v Queens Park Rangers

04/02/202315:00Hull City v Cardiff City

04/02/202315:00Luton Town v Stoke City

04/02/202315:00Middlesbrough v Blackpool

04/02/202315:00Millwall v Sunderland

04/02/202315:00Norwich City v Burnley

04/02/202315:00Preston North End v Bristol City

04/02/202315:00Reading v Watford

04/02/202315:00Rotherham United v Sheffield United

04/02/202315:00Swansea City v Birmingham City

04/02/202315:00West Bromwich Albion v Coventry City

11/02/202315:00Birmingham City v West Bromwich Albion

11/02/202315:00Blackpool v Rotherham United

11/02/202315:00Bristol City v Norwich City

11/02/202315:00Burnley v Preston North End

11/02/202315:00Cardiff City v Middlesbrough

11/02/202315:00Coventry City v Luton Town

11/02/202315:00Queens Park Rangers v Millwall

11/02/202315:00Sheffield United v Swansea City

11/02/202315:00Stoke City v Hull City

11/02/202315:00Sunderland v Reading

11/02/202315:00Watford v Blackburn Rovers

11/02/202315:00Wigan Athletic v Huddersfield Town

14/02/202319:45Birmingham City v Cardiff City

14/02/202319:45Burnley v Watford

14/02/202319:45Coventry City v Millwall

14/02/202319:45Norwich City v Hull City

14/02/202319:45Queens Park Rangers v Sunderland

14/02/202320:00Reading v Rotherham United

15/02/202319:45Bristol City v Wigan Athletic

15/02/202319:45Preston North End v Luton Town

15/02/202319:45Sheffield United v Middlesbrough

15/02/202320:00Stoke City v Huddersfield Town

15/02/202319:45Swansea City v Blackpool

15/02/202320:00West Bromwich Albion v Blackburn Rovers

18/02/202315:00Blackburn Rovers v Swansea City

18/02/202315:00Blackpool v Stoke City

18/02/202315:00Cardiff City v Reading

18/02/202315:00Huddersfield Town v Birmingham City

18/02/202315:00Hull City v Preston North End

18/02/202315:00Luton Town v Burnley

18/02/202315:00Middlesbrough v Queens Park Rangers

18/02/202315:00Millwall v Sheffield United

18/02/202315:00Rotherham United v Coventry City

18/02/202315:00Sunderland v Bristol City

18/02/202315:00Watford v West Bromwich Albion

18/02/202315:00Wigan Athletic v Norwich City

25/02/202315:00Birmingham City v Luton Town

25/02/202315:00Bristol City v Hull City

25/02/202315:00Burnley v Huddersfield Town

25/02/202315:00Coventry City v Sunderland

25/02/202315:00Norwich City v Cardiff City

25/02/202315:00Preston North End v Wigan Athletic

25/02/202315:00Queens Park Rangers v Blackburn Rovers

25/02/202315:00Reading v Blackpool

25/02/202315:00Sheffield United v Watford

25/02/202315:00Stoke City v Millwall

25/02/202315:00Swansea City v Rotherham United

25/02/202315:00West Bromwich Albion v Middlesbrough

04/03/202315:00Blackburn Rovers v Sheffield United

04/03/202315:00Blackpool v Burnley

04/03/202315:00Cardiff City v Bristol City

04/03/202315:00Huddersfield Town v Coventry City

04/03/202315:00Hull City v West Bromwich Albion

04/03/202315:00Luton Town v Swansea City

04/03/202315:00Middlesbrough v Reading

04/03/202315:00Millwall v Norwich City

04/03/202315:00Rotherham United v Queens Park Rangers

04/03/202315:00Sunderland v Stoke City

04/03/202315:00Watford v Preston North End

04/03/202315:00Wigan Athletic v Birmingham City

11/03/202315:00Birmingham City v Rotherham United

11/03/202315:00Bristol City v Blackpool

11/03/202315:00Burnley v Wigan Athletic

11/03/202315:00Coventry City v Hull City

11/03/202315:00Norwich City v Sunderland

11/03/202315:00Preston North End v Cardiff City

11/03/202315:00Queens Park Rangers v Watford

11/03/202315:00Reading v Millwall

11/03/202315:00Sheffield United v Luton Town

11/03/202315:00Stoke City v Blackburn Rovers

11/03/202315:00Swansea City v Middlesbrough

11/03/202315:00West Bromwich Albion v Huddersfield Town

14/03/202319:45Blackpool v Queens Park Rangers

14/03/202319:45Middlesbrough v Stoke City

14/03/202319:45Millwall v Swansea City

14/03/202319:45Rotherham United v Preston North End

14/03/202319:45Watford v Birmingham City

14/03/202319:45Wigan Athletic v Coventry City

15/03/202319:45Blackburn Rovers v Reading

15/03/202319:45Cardiff City v West Bromwich Albion

15/03/202319:45Huddersfield Town v Norwich City

15/03/202319:45Hull City v Burnley

15/03/202319:45Luton Town v Bristol City

15/03/202319:45Sunderland v Sheffield United

18/03/202315:00Blackburn Rovers v Burnley

18/03/202315:00Blackpool v Coventry City

18/03/202315:00Middlesbrough v Preston North End

18/03/202315:00Millwall v Huddersfield Town

18/03/202315:00Queens Park Rangers v Birmingham City

18/03/202315:00Reading v Hull City

18/03/202315:00Rotherham United v Cardiff City

18/03/202315:00Sheffield United v West Bromwich Albion

18/03/202315:00Stoke City v Norwich City

18/03/202315:00Sunderland v Luton Town

18/03/202315:00Swansea City v Bristol City

18/03/202315:00Watford v Wigan Athletic

01/04/202315:00Birmingham City v Blackburn Rovers

01/04/202315:00Bristol City v Reading

01/04/202315:00Burnley v Sunderland

01/04/202315:00Cardiff City v Swansea City

01/04/202315:00Coventry City v Stoke City

01/04/202315:00Huddersfield Town v Middlesbrough

01/04/202315:00Hull City v Rotherham United

01/04/202315:00Luton Town v Watford

01/04/202315:00Norwich City v Sheffield United

01/04/202315:00Preston North End v Blackpool

01/04/202315:00West Bromwich Albion v Millwall

01/04/202315:00Wigan Athletic v Queens Park Rangers

07/04/202315:00Blackburn Rovers v Norwich City

07/04/202315:00Blackpool v Cardiff City

07/04/202315:00Middlesbrough v Burnley

07/04/202315:00Millwall v Luton Town

07/04/202315:00Queens Park Rangers v Preston North End

07/04/202315:00Reading v Birmingham City

07/04/202315:00Rotherham United v West Bromwich Albion

07/04/202315:00Sheffield United v Wigan Athletic

07/04/202315:00Stoke City v Bristol City

07/04/202315:00Sunderland v Hull City

07/04/202315:00Swansea City v Coventry City

07/04/202315:00Watford v Huddersfield Town

10/04/202315:00Birmingham City v Stoke City

10/04/202315:00Bristol City v Middlesbrough

10/04/202315:00Burnley v Sheffield United

10/04/202315:00Cardiff City v Sunderland

10/04/202315:00Coventry City v Watford

10/04/202315:00Huddersfield Town v Blackburn Rovers

10/04/202315:00Hull City v Millwall

10/04/202315:00Luton Town v Blackpool

10/04/202315:00Norwich City v Rotherham United

10/04/202315:00Preston North End v Reading

10/04/202315:00West Bromwich Albion v Queens Park Rangers

10/04/202315:00Wigan Athletic v Swansea City

15/04/202315:00Blackburn Rovers v Hull City

15/04/202315:00Blackpool v Wigan Athletic

15/04/202315:00Middlesbrough v Norwich City

15/04/202315:00Millwall v Preston North End

15/04/202315:00Queens Park Rangers v Coventry City

15/04/202315:00Reading v Burnley

15/04/202315:00Rotherham United v Luton Town

15/04/202315:00Sheffield United v Cardiff City

15/04/202315:00Stoke City v West Bromwich Albion

15/04/202315:00Sunderland v Birmingham City

15/04/202315:00Swansea City v Huddersfield Town

15/04/202315:00Watford v Bristol City

18/04/202319:45Blackpool v West Bromwich Albion

18/04/202319:45Millwall v Birmingham City

18/04/202319:45Rotherham United v Burnley

18/04/202319:45Sheffield United v Bristol City

18/04/202320:00Stoke City v Wigan Athletic

18/04/202319:45Sunderland v Huddersfield Town

19/04/202319:45Blackburn Rovers v Coventry City

19/04/202319:45Middlesbrough v Hull City

19/04/202319:45Queens Park Rangers v Norwich City

19/04/202320:00Reading v Luton Town

19/04/202319:45Swansea City v Preston North End

19/04/202319:45Watford v Cardiff City

22/04/202315:00Birmingham City v Blackpool

22/04/202315:00Bristol City v Rotherham United

22/04/202315:00Burnley v Queens Park Rangers

22/04/202315:00Cardiff City v Stoke City

22/04/202315:00Coventry City v Reading

22/04/202315:00Huddersfield Town v Sheffield United

22/04/202315:00Hull City v Watford

22/04/202315:00Luton Town v Middlesbrough

22/04/202315:00Norwich City v Swansea City

22/04/202315:00Preston North End v Blackburn Rovers

22/04/202315:00West Bromwich Albion v Sunderland

22/04/202315:00Wigan Athletic v Millwall

29/04/202315:00Blackburn Rovers v Luton Town

29/04/202315:00Blackpool v Millwall

29/04/202315:00Bristol City v Burnley

29/04/202315:00Cardiff City v Huddersfield Town

29/04/202315:00Coventry City v Birmingham City

29/04/202315:00Hull City v Swansea City

29/04/202315:00Reading v Wigan Athletic

29/04/202315:00Rotherham United v Middlesbrough

29/04/202315:00Sheffield United v Preston North End

29/04/202315:00Stoke City v Queens Park Rangers

29/04/202315:00Sunderland v Watford

29/04/202315:00West Bromwich Albion v Norwich City

06/05/202315:00Birmingham City v Sheffield United

06/05/202315:00Burnley v Cardiff City

06/05/202315:00Huddersfield Town v Reading

06/05/202315:00Luton Town v Hull City

06/05/202315:00Middlesbrough v Coventry City

06/05/202315:00Millwall v Blackburn Rovers

06/05/202315:00Norwich City v Blackpool

06/05/202315:00Preston North End v Sunderland

06/05/202315:00Queens Park Rangers v Bristol City

06/05/202315:00Swansea City v West Bromwich Albion

06/05/202315:00Watford v Stoke City

06/05/202315:00Wigan Athletic v Rotherham United

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