Charles Barkley embarrasses himself once again on 'Inside the NBA' game show 'Who He Play For?'

Chris Cwik
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Anyone who follows the NBA closely knew Charles Barkley was going to struggle this year. With the shortened offseason, and the flurry of moves and rule changes, Barkley stood no chance on the “Inside the NBA” annual “Who He Play For?” game show challenge.

If you’ve never seen “Who He Play For?”, here’s a quick rundown: At the start of every NBA season, Barkley is quizzed on his player knowledge. Host Ernie Johnson chooses four or five players — usually backups or journeymen — and Barkley has to guess which team those players are on.

It usually doesn’t go well ... and that trend continued Tuesday.

In case you want to play at home, here are the five players Barkley had to guess: Solomon Hill, Alfonzo McKinnie, Ed Davis, James Johnson and Garrett Temple. Barkley was also asked which team is coached by Mark Daigneault as a bonus question.

We’ll cue up the “Jeopardy!” music while you guess.

Did you get at least one right? Congratulations, you beat one of the most popular national basketball analysts on television. That’s right, Barkley got zero players correct and missed the bonus question. It was an awful showing, though not unexpected.

We’d criticize Barkley more, but at least he’s consistent. Every year, the number of questions he gets right matches the number of championships Barkley won during his career.

That’s a tribute Shaquille O’Neal can appreciate.

Charles Barkley during a special live "NBA On TNT" Telecast at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2018.
Charles Barkley couldn't keep track of NBA player movement in the offseason. (Damairs Carter/MediaPunch/IPX)

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