Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly’s comments prove European Super League is not dead, claims Jamie Carragher

Change: Todd Boehly  (REUTERS)
Change: Todd Boehly (REUTERS)

Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly's comments this week prove a European Super League is not dead, claims Jamie Carragher.

American businessman Boehly this week in New York suggested a 'North vs South All-Stars' game and turning relegation into a play-off tournament, all in the name of raising revenue for further down the English football pyramid.

A key quote, when pushed on eagerness for change, was Boehly replying: "Listen, I think everyone likes the idea of more revenue for the league."

The ideas faced backlash from many and Carragher feels such proposals are evidence that the European Super League idea remains on the table.

The former Liverpool defender wrote in The Telegraph: "What disturbed me most about Boehly’s comments in midweek is that they proved such cynicism to be correct.

"The sentiments which led to the Super League fiasco are not dead, merely in hibernation, with businessmen like Boehly waiting to seize the next opportunity to mould our game into an ill-fitting vision, his comments suggesting English football is not generating as much cash as it should be.

"That is why my Sky Sports colleague, Gary Neville, is so adamant an independent regulator is needed, ensuring what begins as an ‘opinion’ does not turn into a plan formulated by the most powerful clubs."

He added: "What really annoyed me was the superior tone in which they were delivered.

"What must worry Chelsea fans is that Boehly is prepared to speak now, think later. Either he has not sought advice about how such comments would be received, or even worse, he has not listened to it."