Chelsea Fan View: Blame Conte - same players and tactics that failed against Liverpool

Blues blogger Amy Christophers does not have to look far to pinpoint where it all went wrong against Arsenal

Chelsea Fan View: Blame Conte - same players and tactics that failed against Liverpool

Well, thankfully the bragging messages from my lovely Gooner friends have now stopped - I need to get new friends!!!

Appalling, embarrassing performance yet again. We learnt no lessons from the Liverpool game and surely it’s time in January to buy players that can defend!

Only thing new that we don’t know about Cahill is the haircut and he was simply out of his depth and paceless.

Surely, the board must know that if managers like Mouriniho, Hiddink and Conte can’t get this team playing there must be something wrong with the actual players on the pitch.

Players are well past their sell by date and need to be moved on ASAP. Admittedly the club never signed the players Conte wanted and now we are paying the price, though I have serious concerns about The Godfather lasting very long if results don’t improve.

Ultimately he trains the team , picks the team and the formation. After being torn apart only eight days previously by Liverpool, Conte puts out the same players with basically the same formation against the Arsenal.

I know it’s a cliché but milk does turn quicker than Ivanovic and same can be said of Cahill. At least with John Terry back in the side he can give some stability and even though he is past his prime and considered a bit part player at the beginning of the season it says something when he is still our best defender.

We’re losing games because of simple mistakes – that first goal should not happen in an under-14 match, second goal is basic defending, every defender keeps attacker, and the third goal is tracking back, unacceptable goals for me.

I loved Hazard when he was on top form but you can tell mentally he doesn’t want to be at the club. We won’t see the best of him until he turns up for some team in Europe in 2017/18.

His performance was nothing short of embarrassing for a player so talented. Definitely one of the worst performance in years, that’s saying something after some of the performances last season.

Our best seasons have been built on discipline. Cahill just gave them the game, it’s as simple as that. Second goal took place when we were still trying get over conceding the first. The passing from the back was atrocious and our players didn’t have the skills and composure to deal with pressing.

There are players just don’t belong to the team right now: Cahill/Ivanovic/Matic, even Willian should be dropped for the next game. I was for Fabregas coming into the team but I was looking for a missing person in the first 30 minutes and only found him when we were 3-0 down.