Chelsea 'mystery' manager update emerges as final shortlist clear after Kieran McKenna contact

Ipswich Town manager Kieran Mckenna
-Credit: (Image: George Wood/Getty Images)

Chelsea reportedly have a 'high-profile mystery name' on their radar to be the next manager. It comes after suggestions that the club has narrowed its search down to a small number of candidates just two days after Mauricio Pochettino departed. understands that Kieran McKenna, Thomas Frank, and Enzo Maresca are the top options to be appointed as the new head coach with initial contact with Ipswich Town taking place already. The 38-year-old is also wanted by Brighton.

However, Sky Sports' Kaveh Solekhol has thrown a cat amongst the pigeons. "It's not just those three names that are in the frame because I have been told today that there is a high-profile mystery name that Chelsea are interested in," he explained.

"I have been trying to do my best to try and find out who this mystery name but I have not made much progress so far. I do also know that Chelsea have been interested in a few other names as well. Not a massive pool but the other names they have been interested in are people like Sebastian Hoeness the Stuttgart manager and also Roberto De Zerbi who has just left Brighton."

Hoeness is someone who the club have admired but having recently signed a new contract with Stuttgart would be tough to convince to leave Germany. Frank himself has been vocal about remaining at Brentford past this summer too.

"We all have an ego," the 50-year-old told the Athletic.. "Mine's not the biggest but it's not the smallest and it's always the ego that gets in the way of good performances and life.

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"Also, I'm realistic in many ways. I'm enjoying my life here. This is probably the perfect football life, working in a good club in London, in the best league in the world with good players, we can compete.

"Do we want to win titles? Yes, that would be nice but it's not do-or-die. I still think it's possible to win a cup and that's the aim, to go as far as possible.

"If a big club one day comes to knock on my door, then I need to consider it but it's not something I'm hunting. I could stay in Brentford for… well, forever is probably a crazily long time but I could stay here for a further sustained period.

"One day maybe I need to try something else, I don't know. I'm more open. I'm happy here and sometimes you need to be careful what you wish for. Also, in football you can't plan. Keep your head down, work and see where it takes you."