Are the Chicago Bulls ‘delaying the inevitable’ by not rebuilding?

Over the summer, some fans believed the Chicago Bulls should blow up the roster and hit the reset button. However, the Bulls took a different route. They added veteran free agents in free agency and committed to their current core. And to start the season so far, things haven’t been going too well.

Chicago is currently 2-4, but their point differential through six games is -39, which is the third-worst mark in the league. Almost everyone up and down the roster has been struggling, and it seems as though the Bulls are likely heading for a rebuild at some point, but the organization is resisting.

Kenny Beecham, also known as KOT4Q, recently made a video for his podcast, “The Kenny Beecham Podcast,” talking about how the Bulls are “delaying the inevitable.”

Should the Bulls hit the reset button this year?

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire