Chicago Bulls can’t avoid rebuild for much longer amid early struggles

For most teams around the league, a lot of the conversation at this time of year involves how they can improve, what needs to change, and what individual players could do to get better. But for the Chicago Bulls, most people are just talking about how long they can go before they inevitably hit the reset button.

Almost everyone who covers the Bulls, especially from a content creation standpoint, has made some sort of video discussing how long they can delay the inevitable. The Bulls are 2-5 on the season, and there doesn’t seem to be a direct pathway toward improvement, especially with how talented the rest of the league is right now.

The Locked On Bulls podcast was the latest outlet to cover the topic, noting the front office can only avoid a rebuild for so long before they are forced to partake.

Should the Bulls blow it up sooner rather than later?

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire