Chicago Tribune mistakes Winnipeg Jets for NFL's Jets — and it's kind of awkward

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The NHL returned to Winnipeg, Man., in 2011 when ownership group True North Sports and Entertainment purchased the Atlanta Thrashers and revived the Jets franchise in Canada.

Evidently, the Chicago Tribune didn't notice.

A Twitter user posted a photo of a recent print edition of the Tribune that incorrectly placed the New York Jets' logo — yes, the NFL team — in opposition to the Blackhawks instead of the NHL's Jets ahead of Saturday's matchup in Chicago.

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Not to mention, the two logos aren't . . . well, particularly similar — the NFL's Jets feature the team's name and a football inside of a larger football, while Winnipeg's shows a jet plane flying over a maple leaf — but the blunder still made it all the way to print.

It's not the first time this kind of error has made its way to the public: in Feb. 2016, a Canadian news broadcast accidentally aired the NHL's Florida Panthers logo during a segment about Super Bowl 50, which pitted the Carolina Panthers against the Denver Broncos.

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