Chiliz Chain 2.0 set to be built by Ankr team

Leading sports blockchain Chiliz has revealed rapidly-unfurling plans for Chiliz 2.0 that are set to see the Ankr team unlock unparalleled functionality and Ethereum compatibility for the lucrative sports and entertainment sectors.

Under the leadership of the platform, Chiliz has taken centre stage in 2021 as the premier token for sports teams and fans around the world to engage, build, and trade club ‘fan tokens’ (which offer governance functionality at the club on minor decisions).

With huge names like Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, and Inter Milan already using to interact with their fans – the platform is ripe for further expansion into MMA, F1, and big money American franchises such as the NFL and NHL.

The introduction of the Ankr team will see the onset of serious expertise in Web 3.0 infrastructure picking up development work behind the scenes.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and, explained the move to Chiliz Chain 2.0 represented a major transition for the network that will open avenues for other innovators to drive the platform forward.

“With the rock solid foundations provided by Ankr, Chiliz Chain 2.0 has the potential to become a game-changing blockchain that will have a profound impact, not only in the blockchain space, but across the entire landscape of mainstream sports and entertainment,” said Dreyfus.

“ is no longer the sole steward of the $CHZ story and is free to evolve to best fit the needs of its ever expanding roster of partners, not to mention the millions of fans around the world.

“And, while will continue to grow rapidly, we look forward to the emergence of a much broader Chiliz narrative and a multifunctional future for $CHZ as the network enabler of the new expansive Chiliz Chain 2.0 ecosystem.”

What will Chiliz Chain 2.0 look like?

Chiliz Chain 2.0 (CC2) will be built as an evolution of Binance Smart Chain, a key part of the changes that CC2 will bring is the introduction of intellectual property and consumers protection technologies – a critical component for ensuring digital authenticity and regulator credibility.

Additionally, in a move highly anticipated among ranks of CHZ holders, CC2 will finally deliver a staking mechanism, aimed at incentivising holders to lock up their CHZ tokens for passive income.

Interoperability as an industry trend hasn’t been skipped by the Ankr team either, with CC2 promising the inclusion of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility.

This will enable interactions with ERC-20 tokens and Ethereum-based smart contracts, alongside opening the doors to backwards-compatible solidarity programming across the Chiliz ecosystem.

Chandler Song, CEO of Ankr, spoke excitedly about the value the new Ankr development team could add to Chiliz Chain 2.0.

“We have witnessed and supported Chiliz and redefine the world of sports and entertainment with blockchain technology for several years,” explained Song.

“We are proud to become the partner that will help take this project to the next level.

“Additionally, the launch of CC2 will foster the creation of Chiliz Labs; an accelerator programme that will incentivise projects looking to leverage and utilize blockchain in sports and entertainment to build on CC2.”

The Chiliz Chain 2.0 public testnet is due to launch in Q1 2022.

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