Chloe MacCombe dreaming of Olympics after Commonwealth silver

Chloe MacCombe dreaming of Olympics after Commonwealth silver

Claudy's Chloe MacCombe is already dreaming of Paris after a surprise triathlon silver at the Commonwealth Games.

The 26-year-old and guide Catherine Sands overhauled Canada's Jessica Tuomela in the closing stages of the race to snatch second place behind England's Katie Crowhurst in the women's PTVI triathlon.

And her sister twin sister Judith, along with guide Anne Paul, took fourth.

"I don't have the words to describe how I feel right now, I'm not sure I knew what to expect coming into the race but to have a silver feels beyond special," said MacCombe.

"I felt really good throughout the race and the atmosphere was so amazing, it really inspired us. We just dug in and we wanted that medal so badly.

"When Catherine told me the Canadians were just ahead of us, we just I just told myself to give it everything I've got, i didn’t want to regret anything.

"I'm so pleased to have something to show for all the hard work and all the training. It just pays off to keep working hard.

"Hopefully we can keep improving and this has to give us confidence, it's only two years to the Paralympics in Paris and that has to be a target."

Sands was full of admiration for her partner, who was born with a form of albinism which means her vision is significantly restricted.

"I can't tell you how hard she works, her commitment is really incredible, that's why she deserves this so much," she said.

MacCombe was also quick to thank her training partner and sister for her contribution to the gold.

She added: "Having Judith helps me so much, we're both pretty competitive, so even training turns into a race, we even want to go faster than each other on the treadmill.

"In the past we've had competitions where only one of us could go or qualify and it's hard for the person at home. This is really special because I can share it with her and she raced brilliantly too."

Elsewhere, Northern Ireland netball coach Elaine Rice bemoaned her team's lack of focus as they slipped to a 54-41 defeat to Malawi at the National Exhibition Centre.

"We spoke about a 60-minute focus ande probably got 28 minutes’ focus in the first half, and then only about six in the third quarter," she said.

"I’ll have to watch the third quarter back and see what happened but we live and learn.

"We are young and we are building. We could probably do with making improvements a wee bit faster for where we want to be. We’re a bit fed up at this stage - we had that heart and grit against Malawi but didn't get over the line."

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