Chris Evans Reveals Which Knives Out Co-Star Made Him Break Character The Most, And It Might Surprise You

 Chris Evans looking evil in Knives Out.
Chris Evans looking evil in Knives Out.

Filmmaker Rian Johnson has been on a roll lately, thanks to his work on high profile projects like Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and the Knives Out franchise. The latter began with the 2019 original movie, and was expanded when Glass Onion arrived on Netflix. Both of his Knives Out movies feature stellar casts, led by Daniel Craig. The original also features Chris Evans as the villainous Ransom Drysdale. And the Marvel alum recently revealed which co-star made him break character the most… and it might surprise you.

The Knives Out cast was killer (pun intended), and featured iconic performances from the likes of Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Colette, and Ana de Armas. Despite the murder mystery the franchise is also very much a comedy, with plenty of funny moments in each of the two movies so far. Chris Evans recently spoke to GQ about his career, and shared how Michael Shannon actually had him in stitches when filming. As he put it,

I have such a love for Michael Shannon. I just think he's the funniest guy. I don't think anyone realizes how he's so dry and so sharp and he knows he's funny, too. He makes these like, kind of quiet side comments and just has the littlest smirk on his face. So that scene we're doing … he's shoving the cookies in my face and screaming, it took all of me not to break. He's just very committed. Absolutely hilarious. So that might be my favorite scene.

There you have it. It looks like Shannon was actually the one who made Chris Evans break while filming Knives Out-- despite being a celebrated dramatic actor. Specifically because of their two characters’ familial dynamic, and one scene involving cookies.

Evans’ comments to GQ show how much fun it was to film Knives Out for the stellar cast assembled by Rian Johnson. Glass Onion also had plenty of A-listers, with Daniel Craig being the only Knives Out actor included. What’s more, the 007 actor is expected to once again return in the developing Knives Out 3 movie.

While it seems unlikely that Chris Evans will ever reprise his role as Ransom in a Knives Out sequel, it should be fascinating to see what comes next for the 42 year-old actor. Some fans are hoping to see Evans return as Captain America, although he doesn’t seem interested in doing that anytime soon. He’s got other goals in mind, including his first Academy Award nomination.

Glass Onion was another critical hit for Rian Johnson, and it looks like the mystery sequel is taking up much of his focus as a filmmaker. Moviegoers can’t wait to see what all-star cast he assembles for the forthcoming threequel. Considering the cast and wild cameos for Glass Onion, it seems like just about anything is possible.

In addition to Knives Out 3, Rian Johnson is also working on the second season of Poker Face. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.