Chris Simms tweets apology for CBS criticism

The former University of Texas Longhorn and Tampa Bay Buccaneer was so sure of his statement on his podcast. Turns out he was misinformed.

Everyone knows to think before you speak. Maybe a few less know to do as Herm Edwards says, ‘Don’t press send!’

But all in all they are saying the same thing, know what you are talking about before you make big, bold, controversial statements.

Chris Simms did very little thinking over the last few days. He did an awful lot of reacting though after he discovered his father would be essentially demoted as the lead color analyst for CBS football.

“It’s been out there rumored for two weeks. I had to tell my dad first before CBS or anybody, because I found out from an NFL insider,” he said in his Bleacher Report podcast. “I forwarded the text message that I was sent. It basically said, ‘Hey, listen. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Romo is being offered your dad’s job on CBS. That sucks, I’m sorry.’ My dad was in Barbados and I had to forward the text message to him to let him know.”

But when the younger Simms found out Friday that he may have reacted prematurely. he tweeted an apology to CBS early Friday evening.

Phil Simms is a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback for the New York Giants, and was the lead analyst for CBS alongside Jim Nantz since 2003.

But after Tony Romo, former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, retired this week, Simms was replaced bythe former undrafted free agent turned people’s champion.

But at least everyone's on the same page now.

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