Chrissy Teigen just got a sexy spine tattoo and it's a sweet tribute to John Legend

Natasha Harding
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Photo credit: @chrissyteigen - Instagram
Photo credit: @chrissyteigen - Instagram

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  • Chrissy Teigen reveals a new spine tattoo on Instagram, and the design is a sweet reference to John Legend

  • The new ink, by celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Stone (aka Winter Stone), is a nod to the song John wrote about Chrissy called 'Ooh Laa'

You know what they say: new year, new ink? Er, well, maybe not, but pretty sure we can make it a thing.

Overnight, Chrissy shared a three-minute-long video of her getting a brand new (and quite sizeable) tattoo - a minimalist line design which reads 'ooooooooh la' running down the middle of her back, from her shoulders down to her waist. In addition to watching the process from start to finish, including the actual tattooing, the clip also reveals the sweet story behind the tattt.

Chrissy captioned the clip "ooooooooh la shoowap shoowap" - a reference to John Legend's 2020 song 'Ooh Laa' which he dedicated to his wife. The footage shows John and Chrissy reminiscing about the first time they heard the song together.

While Chrissy says she remembers hearing most of John's songs for the first time, she confesses she doesn't recall this one as well, so John reminds her.

"I remember. It was in our bedroom.. we had to test run it, make sure it worked. It worked... We actually played it on repeat the first time... It was a good conversation starter"

Daniel Winter (AKA Winter Stone), the celebrity tattoo artist behind the design, shared a close-up snap of the new addition on his Instagram account so we can see the work in its full glory:

"OOOOH LAAAA @chrissyteigen @johnlegend what a blessing to honor Chrissy with this ooh laa tattoo down her spine!" wrote Daniel. "John wrote this sexy song for her so naturally she should have it tattooed on her right?!!! And if you haven’t heard BIGGER LOVE John’s new album: listen it’s so good!"

Ah to be famous and have songs written about you. And then the lyrics turned into super cute and personal tattoos. Can't say I can relate, but I'm very here for how cute this is <33.

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