Christian Eriksen Gives His Thoughts on Futuristic Tunnel Plan at WHL & Why He Loves Spurs Fans

Scott Saunders

​ Tottenham midfielder Christian Eriksen has admitted he can't wait for Tottenham to finally move into their new stadium on the grounds at White Hart Lane, but will be interested to see how the new tunnel system looks out prior to playing in matches.

Spurs are set to move in to the new White Hart Lane upon its completion, and the capacity is set to be greater than north London rivals Arsenal's at the Emirates - with a total of 61,000. In the pipeline is also a new 'Tunnel Club' restaurant feature.

The Danish international, speaking exclusively to 90min as he  wore Nike Magista Obra II Motion Blur available from , first went in to depth on his flash new footwear and seemed extremely pleased with what he'd been given.

He said:  "I've always been a fan of white on boots, they always look new. Whenever I had the chance to take white boots, I've always chosen them. But the  Magistas are a nice fit, comfortable and they're lightweight too. 

"Nike Vapours were one of the first boots I had, but these are way more comfortable!"

Burnley v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
Burnley v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

Eriksen soon turned his attention to Spurs' impending ground move, and  admitted that the new White Hart Lane will be "incredible", and that he's particularly looking forward to seeing the new tunnel.  The players are set to line up before games in a purpose-built glass wall tunnel, which will give guests the ability to see the players lining up before the game.

He said of the new ground and tunnel: "I'm very excited. Everyone's looking forward to the new stadium and seeing how it's going to look. I think everybody knows about the tunnel where you can see us - we'll see how that's going to be!

"Of course there's always been a camera in the tunnel but it's going to be different - you know people will be looking in and you can't see them. Crazy! If you see the pictures of the stadium, it's going to look incredible. Hopefully it'll be the same atmosphere as the one we've got now at White Hart Lane, but just a new version."

Eriksen went on to share that Tottenham's fans - who will sit in the largest single stand of a 17,000 capacity when the new ground opens - make the players feel proud to play in front of.

Referring back to the recent win over Swansea City - which saw Spurs come from 1-0 down to win 3-1 with just minutes of the game remaining - he said: "I think for the players, if you have 3000 away fans when you play at Swansea, you feel proud playing for them. If you're going to celebrate you're going to run to them - it wouldn't be much fun running to the Swansea fans! 

"It gives you a good feeling on the pitch if you have a strong and very big crowd behind you. I think all the lads at the moment at Spurs are very good lads, I think everyone really likes it - that's why we feel a bit more of a connection (with the fans).

Swansea City v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League
Swansea City v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

"If you have the confidence of the fans around you and from the people around you of course you play better, and feel better in the position you're in. If you have a rough time you'll go through it together."

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