CNN Adds Jane Coaston, Lulu Garcia-Navarro And Reihan Salam As On-Air Contributors

CNN has added three on-air contributors to appear across the network as well as panelists on The Chris Wallace Show.

Joining the network will be Jane Coaston, contributing opinion writer at The New York Times with a focus on American conservatism. She previously was the host of the podcast The Argument.

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Lulu Garcia-Navarro is from The New York Times Magazine, where she is launching a new interview franchise. Garcia-Navarro previously worked at NPR as a host and was a longtime international correspondent.

Reiham Salam is the president of the Manhattan Institute and former executive editor of National Review. He is a contributing writer at The Atlantic and contributing editor at National Affairs and National Review.

All three contributors have appeared on The Chris Wallace Show, which launched in November on Saturday mornings. They are part of a rotating group of panelists that also includes Kara Swisher and Kristen Soltis Anderson.

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