CNN journalist reveals what Melania Trump is really like in person

Aris Folley,

According to a journalist who works closely with Melania Trump, there is a "real mystery with the first lady." 

As someone whose job is to literally follow the first lady around every day, CNN White House reporter Kate Bennett says she's gathered a few takeaways about Trump.

"I sometimes call her the unicorn, because people are fixated by her," Bennett told fashion website Daily Front Row. "She doesn’t emote a lot—she’s quiet, so there’s a lot of differences (not saying good or bad) from what we’re used to."

Prior to her writing exclusively for CNN about all things first lady, Bennett covered the final year and a half of the Obama administration under the Independent Journal Review.

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As part of her work for CNN, where she produces content for its Cover/Line vertical, Bennett has accompanied the first lady on abroad visits to Europe and the Toronto Invictus Games.

She described the first lady as "very, quiet, reserved" in comparison to her predecessor, Michelle Obama -- which she adds could be why people sometimes mistake for her being unhappy or "miserable."

However, Bennett said the two women were not "that dissimilar in their enthusiasm for the job," adding that she thinks some would be shocked to learn that the first lady is not as forlorn about public duties as people and the media have speculated.

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“From what I’ve observed, she really connects well and seems to come alive in a joyful way when she’s around kids. I think we saw that on her trip to Europe this spring when she visited sick children in hospitals and went to schools. It was the most we’ve seen from and heard from her,” Bennett said.

“I’ve also learned that she has a side to her that’s very mom focused, not unlike Michelle Obama. Her primary concern is her son and being a good mom."

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