Coastal Carolina cheerleaders were paid to go on dates, investigation finds

An investigation by Coastal Carolina University has reportedly found that several cheerleaders worked as escorts and at strip clubs.

Coastal Carolina suspended its entire cheerleading team last weekamid allegations of prostitution,stripping at strip clubs, and facilitating the “rampant use of alcohol.”

Aninvestigation by Coastal Carolina University, partial results of which have been obtained by The Sun Newsand Deadspin, allegesthat several cheerleaders worked as escorts and at strip clubs.

The investigationfound that some of the cheerleaders went on dates with men that were set up through, a legal websitethatconnects younger women with so-called “Sugar Daddies” for paid dates.

The cheerleaders were reportedly paid between $100 and $1,500 per date.

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From The Sun News:

"Cheerleaders also would receive goods such as Michael Kors purses, as well as shoes and clothes, according to the investigation. One cheerleader was offered $800 to escort a male to New York Prime, according to the report.

The cheerleaders would not engage in sexual favors, the report stated, but the investigation found "evidence of an escort service."

Text messages between cheerleaders advised team members working atstrip clubs to quit their jobs until after a national cheerleading competition taking place in Dayton Beach, Fla., according to the report."

From Deadspin:

"Everyone involved credibly claims that they never had sex for money with any of their dates, and none of the evidencegathered suggests that they did."

The suspended cheerleaders are still permitted to attend class as the investigation into the accusationscontinues.

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