The cod days are over: Rockfish takes cod off menus due to global supply issues

Rockfish owner Mitch Tonks
Rockfish owner Mitch Tonks

A POPULAR seafood restaurant has confirmed it will no longer be serving cod due to global supply issues.

Rockfish, which has restaurants in Poole and Weymouth, said removing cod from its menus provided an opportunity for diners to try other varieties of British fish.

Current pressures brought on by the significant proportion of the world's whitefish supply accounted for by Russian boats, rising import tariffs due to sanctions and the subsequent increase in demand and price of fish from other non-Russian fisheries has made for an incredibly difficult supply chain to manage, the restaurant chain said.

Therefore, the decision has been made to take a break from cod until supplies return to a more manageable rate.

Rockfish owner Mitch Tonks said: “We know that in parts of Britain, fish and chips means cod and chips.

“At the moment because of global supply issues resulting in significant cost implications for our customers, we have sat down as a team and made the decision to make this the summer of British fish.

“This is a brilliant time for British fishing and now is our chance to celebrate lesser consumed but excellent British fish such as Hake, plaice, gurnard and MSC Haddock."

Rockfish has always championed British fish and restaurant menus feature daily landings of local species such as crab, lobster, scallops, turbot and Dover sole as well as traditional fish and chips showcasing hake and haddock.

Mr Tonks is an ambassador for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and is constantly searching for the world’s most sustainable seafood which led to a recent trip to Iceland to build relationships with sustainable fisheries there.

He added that this is by no means a permanent decision, but a way to protect customers from having to overpay due to external forces.

He looked forward to re-introducing MSC certified cod to his menus when the time is right and continuing his association with the brilliant Norwegian fisheries he currently works with.