Cody W. Pattison: Column by It's Pattison, not Patterson

Mar. 15—It's Cody W. Pattison, not Cody W. Patterson.

I usually get called the wrong last name. There's no shock in that anymore.

There's no shock for me in reporting on a Lawrence County basketball team making it to the PIAA championship anymore, either. The two things — oddly at the end of the day — seem second nature.

I'm from "Warshington County," for "whatevers," sake. ("Washington County," is a great album by Arlo Guthrie. The album's title track is also a great banjo instrumental in case you were wondering.)

Last names and titles can get confusing though, just like my email correspondence with New Castle News' resident botanist and green thumb, Gary Church.

Names have been redacted to protect the innocent.

2/9/24 2:06 PM: Gary Church wrote:

Cody, When you get old and have nothing better to do, it's fun to try and find out whatever became of some of your old girlfriends. Quite accidentally I saw someone wish [redacted] a happy birthday on Facebook. I used to date his sister [redacted]. After a few clicks I found out that [redacted] lives in Northern Cambria and her name is [redacted] Pattinson. Are you any relation to her? Gary Church

2/2/24 11:23 PM: Cody Pattinson wrote:


With heavy heart I regret to inform you that I, Cody Pattison, am not related to anyone named Pattinson. Sorry. Also I'm not related to any Pattersons. Those people are monsters and the lowest scum society offers. I get the confusion all of the time with Patterson and Pattinson.

2/9/24 11:38 PM: Gary Church wrote:

Now you see why I have Renee (Gendreau) for an editor. The "n" was a typo. [redacted] spells her last name the same as you. Sophie Bonner, Neshannock girls ninth-grade point guard, is my next door neighbor.

I love seeing photos of her on the sports page. You guys do great work!

2/19/24 5:43 PM: Cody Pattison wrote:


I had to do a little digging and call my grandmother to confirm or deny we are related to a [redacted] Pattison. The answer is "not to anyone's recollection."

Thanks for the compliment!

2/20/24 11:09 AM: Gary Church wrote:

Thank you for looking into this. The background to this happened in 1963, before you were born. One Sunday night I was singing in the church teen choir. A girl brought her friend [redacted] to church. Believe it or not, [redacted] thought that I was a hunk, and asked her friend for my name and phone number. She called me and we started dating, but it didn't last long. She was a little wacko!

2/20/24 5:48 PM: Cody Pattison wrote:

That sounds like a Pattison to me.

3/14/24 7:32 PM: Cody Patterson wrote:

There's a moral in this story of a silly email chain...I think so at least.

No one is an island.

There's a sense of pride whether you're a "New Castle guy," a "Neshannock guy," or a "self-proclaimed, unofficial mayor of Mahoningtown," like myself.

It's a sense of Lawrence County pride. Living up here since Oct. 2021, I've come to notice that in what we call a county of champions.

If I make it through basketball season without going to the PIAA championships at Hershey and/or not being called Cody Patterson ... I'd be shocked to say the least.