Colin Cowherd Slams 'Weird, Lonely, Insecure Men' Who Blame Taylor Swift for Ruining NFL

The sports talk show host said the "anger" surrounding the superstar's relationship with Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce doesn't apply toward other male celebrities who are often fixtures at games

<p>Jerod Harris/Getty Images; AP Photo/Julio Cortez</p>

Jerod Harris/Getty Images; AP Photo/Julio Cortez

  • In a fiery monologue on The Herd Wednesday, sports talk show host Colin Cowherd called the men who haven't embraced Taylor Swift's effect on the NFL as "weird, lonely" and "insecure"

  • The same rules don't apply, Cowherd argued, to male celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey and Drake, who are frequently fixtures at sporting events

  • Cowherd joins a chorus of other celebrities who are endorsing Swift, including David Letterman and Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner

Colin Cowherd has a bone to pick with “weird, lonely, insecure men” who are not embracing Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce.

On his Fox Sports talk show Wednesday, The Herd host aired his grievances against those who have shown animosity towards the superstar and the tight end’s love story.

“There’s a lot of really weird, lonely, insecure men out there,” Cowherd, 60, said. “The fact that the world's biggest pop star is dating a star tight end, who had one of his greatest games ever, and a network puts them on the air briefly, that it bothers you, what does that say about your life?"

Cowherd went on to say that most fans who tune in don’t “just want to watch football” anyway.

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"A football telecast is not just football,” he said. “In fact, the commercials for four hours before the Super Bowl will be widely watched. Did you know, statistically, in a three-and-a-half hour NFL playoff broadcast or regular-season broadcast,  just 18 minutes are actual football.”

Cowherd added, “About the length of five Taylor Swift songs.”

And as far as Swift’s presence on TV during the 12 games she attended this year?

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The sports talker cited a recent New York Times article which found that camera cutaways to Swift and others in the suite averaged 25 seconds of every broadcast.

In his argument, Cowherd added that the same criticisms don’t seem to come up for male celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey and Drake, who are frequent fixtures at University of Texas and Toronto Raptors games.

“But a talented and beautiful woman is on the air — one who would never pay attention to lonely men — and it bothers them," Cowherd said.

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He continued, "There’s a stat out there, it’s kind of uncomfortable for you sad guys, that 50% of men never have real intimacy with a woman, That means the other 50% have multiple intimate relationships with women. And those ones that don’t are angry and sad and lonely, and they are often misogynistic and resent women who didn’t give them the time they think they deserve.”

He concluded, "This anger says nothing about Taylor Swift. It says everything about the men bothered by it.”

Cowherd joins a chorus who have recently shown support for Swift and Kelce’s relationship — and its effect on the NFL — including David Letterman.

This week, Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner weighed in during an interview with PEOPLE.

“It brings another layer of excitement to the games and to what's going on, and to a fan base that maybe hadn't watched that much football before, and now we're watching it and maybe they tuned in for something besides football,” he told PEOPLE.

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