Colin Morgan, Annabel Scholey to star in BBC's miniseries 'Dead and Buried'

Annabel Scholey and Colin Morgan are set to star in the new miniseries, "Dead and Buried." Photo courtesy of the BBC

Jan. 22 (UPI) -- Colin Morgan from Humans and Annabel Scholey from The Salisbury Poisonings have signed on to star in the BBC's four-part psychological thriller, Dead and Buried.

The cast for the miniseries also includes Kerri Quinn, Waj Ali, Owen Roe and Niamh Walsh.

"Outside the supermarket with her young son, Cathy (Scholey) encounters Michael (Morgan) -- the man convicted of the brutal murder of her brother, 20 years earlier. Ignoring the advice of her best friend, Cathy takes to social media, uncovering the successful career and family life Michael has forged for himself since early release from prison, while she grieved for her brother," the British broadcaster said in a press release on Monday.

"Re-traumatized by her past, Cathy instigates a clandestine relationship with the man she despises, embarking on a campaign of harassment and deceit. As Cathy's obsession grows, dark fantasies of revenge and reality blur as she sets out on a campaign of psychological warfare to destroy Michael's life."

Filming is to begin in Ireland and Northern Ireland this spring on the program, which had its origins as a short story by Colin Bateman and later was adapted as a one-woman stage show.

"Although it has changed greatly, the actual conundrum at the heart of the story is universal and timeless -- what do you do if you meet someone who has prospered after murdering one of your loved ones?" Bateman, who is showrunner on the series, said in a statement. "Do you say something? Do you do something? How would you react?"