ColorCreative’s Find Your People Program Adds Composer Track for Year Two (Exclusive)

ColorCreative’s Find Your People Program is introducing more people – this time, composers.

The talent development initiative from the company founded by Issa Rae, Deniese Davis and Talitha Watkins is unique in that it isn’t only targeted to emerging creatives in above-the-line roles. Instead, it solicits applicants from seven disciplines – directors, producers, cinematographers, production designers, costume designers, editors and now composers – to form four separate production crews, with one representative from a field on each project.

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Each team works together to pitch a greenlight committee and will receive funding from program partner Canva, whose visual communication platform is used throughout FYPP’s yearlong curriculum-based training workshops.

“It’s been a privilege to support the Find Your People Program, and we’re delighted to be back for a second year,” Canva global head of consumer marketing Kristine Segrist said in a statement. “There is incredible value alignment between our brands so it’s been thrilling to work together to create opportunities that empower entertainment professionals through this partnership. We couldn’t be more proud to be on this journey to bring more diverse storytelling into the world through ColorCreative.”

The short films from last year’s inaugural cohort – which included the writing discipline instead of composing – will be screened this spring. Two alumni have already secured additional work in ColorCreative’s ecosystem: Cinematographer B.P. Edwards has been hired by Rae’s banner Hoorae and producer Maia Miller is a director’s assistant on a feature from Davis.

“We believe that storytelling has the power to inspire and creative community,” said Watkins, the president of ColorCreative, in a statement. “Through the FYPP, participants are not only changing the narrative of BIPOC communities onscreen but also the landscape behind the camera, and we’re honored to highlight their work.”

Applications for the Find Your People Program are open now through April 12.

Read more about the four shorts from the inaugural cohort.

Grief Retreat

A mother with a terminal illness tries to make the most of a spa weekend she was promised, after she’s shocked to find her neurotic daughter has signed them up for a grief wellness retreat.

Genre: Dark Comedy

Credits: Jeremie Cander (Director), Cassandra Hunter (Writer), Chidi Amadiume (Producer), Funmi Ogunru (Editor), Matt Kleppner (Cinematographer), Kathryne  Garrido (Production Designer), Kaij (Costume Designer)

Just One

A story filled with childlike imagination and youthful exuberance, the film follows struggling musician Amaru (23), who works a low-end job as an inner-city after-school music teacher. When Amaru’s student, Dixson’s (10) parents never arrive, and he can’t remember where he lives, Amaru must find a way to get Dixson home; while simultaneously making it on time to a potential life-changing career opportunity.

Genre: Dramedy

Credits: Yeajoon “Joon” Cho (Director), Yolanda Mariah (Writer), Maia Miller (Producer), Sydney Taylor (Editor), Anna Mendes (Cinematographer), Vango Jones (Production Designer), Jalissa Arie Jackson (Costume Designer)


Upon using a modern art museum as the setting for a role-playing game that goes hopelessly awry, a deaf couple, desperate to rekindle their spark, finds the reconnection they seek in their shared experience over an abstract sculpture.

Genre: Drama

Credits: Aisha Amin (Director), Brian Cohen (Writer), Vivy Yupanqui (Producer), Danny Muñoz (Editor), B.P. Edwards (Cinematographer), Chidinma Dureke (Production Designer), Raquel “Rocky” Avalos (Costume Designer)

The Inconvenience Store

When five unlikely strangers get stuck in a gas station during the middle of an alien invasion, they must find a way to put their differences aside and come together to defend the human race.

Genre: Comedy

Credits: Ifeanyi Ezieme (Director), Nzinga Kadalie Kemp (Writer), Fabiola Rodriguez (Producer), Mayah Gilmer (Editor), Rayana Rasamee (Cinematographer), Jolien Louis (Production Designer), Salina Hernandez (Costume Designer)

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