The Combo Of Sorghum And Butter Makes For Extra Decadent Biscuits

fresh biscuits with sorghum butter
fresh biscuits with sorghum butter - Rudisill/Getty Images

There's a sweet syrup used in many Southern kitchens you might be missing out on. Made from the gluten-free American-grown grain of the same name, sorghum syrup has a complex flavor with notes of mineral and dark caramel-like molasses but without the bitterness. Sometimes referred to as the maple syrup of the American South, sorghum syrup gets drizzled on cornbread and all manner of baked goods for those who love sweets. Whipped together with butter, sorghum syrup is the ultimate upgrade to honey butter for biscuits: a toasty sweet slather you should try.

Technically a grass and not a grain, sorghum is a staple crop across the United States used in planting rotation with grains. The seeds can be milled into flour that can be used in gluten-free baking, or they can be used whole like wheat berries in grain bowls. To make the syrup, the stalks are crushed, and the liquid is boiled down into a dark, sticky liquid that retains many of the minerals from the plant, including iron and potassium.

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Sorghum Butter Will Be Your New Favorite Spread

whipped sorghum butter
whipped sorghum butter - Siims/Getty Images

There's no denying that a pat of melted butter on a hot biscuit is one of life's great pleasures, and adding a bit of sweetness compounds the delight. It's so simple to make sorghum butter — the easiest method is just stirring a spoonful into a half stick of room-temperature butter. You can adjust the amount to your preferred sweetness level, and the more sorghum you add, the more spreadable the result will be. For a lighter texture, consider making a bigger batch with your mixer, whipping the butter and syrup together to add air. You'll have sorghum butter that's still easy to use right from the refrigerator, deliciously available when the biscuits are ready.

Southern-style fluffy biscuits are irresistible alone, of course, but don't hesitate to add a scoop of sorghum butter to a chicken and biscuit sandwich or even spread it on your waffles and pancakes. There's no need to gatekeep your new sweet butter combination; the complex flavor of sorghum might be just what your breakfast has been waiting for.

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