Comedy Central trolled relegation-doomed Sunderland & Middlesbrough before Wednesday's match

Kavan Flavius

Relegation-destined sides Sunderland and Middlesbrough can't seem to find a place of refuge, with everyone out to troll them in some way.

The teams squared off on Wednesday and Boro recorded a 1-0 victory, but not before getting totally burned by Comedy Central's Twitter account.


A cheeky fan thought it would be funny to ask the comedy channel if they would be airing the match between the two sides. Pretty funny, admittedly, but the response was way funnier, as Comedy Central told the fan just what they thought of the teams' performances this season.

"Hi @ComedyCentralUK just wondering if you'll be showing the Boro vs Sunderland game on Wednesday?" user RyMorris asked.

"We show comedies, not tragedies," was the retort.


Tragedies indeed. The Black Cats haven't been out of the relegation zone since August, while Boro haven't won a game since December. They're both rooted to the bottom of the Premier League table. And we certainly can't see them climbing out at this point.

Kavan Flavius is a regular contributor to the Official Chelsea Guest Fan Blog, find him on Twitter @KavanFlavius.

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