Consider This Your Ultimate Guide To Every Single Nail Shape Out There

every type of nail shape
A Short Guide To Every Single Nail Shapemilorad kravic - Getty Images

At one point in time, getting your nails done meant choosing between two shapes: square and round. These days however, it’s almost overwhelming how many options there are, but experimenting is the only way to find your favorite shape, says Anastasia Totty, LeChat Nails Educator. “Don’t be afraid to try trendy options or the timeless classics,” she adds.

Meet our expert: Anastasia Totty and Syreeta Aaron are nail artists and LeChat Nails educators

LeChat Nails Educator Syreeta Aaron has a very practical approach when it comes to suggesting shapes. Looking at the shape of clients’ fingers and asking what they do for work, she suggests rounder shapes like oval, squoval, and almond for those who use their hands a lot. She recommends a short length with a round shape for those with long, skinny fingers and a long nail plate, and a longer length for those with less slim fingers.

Totty agrees, emphasizing the importance of mimicking the cuticle line when it comes to picking a natural-looking manicure. “The free edge should be about half of length of natural nail bed, a longer extension almond or oval shape will visually elongate the fingers and look very elegant,” she says.

Ahead, read up on every single nail shape and what designs they look best with.

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