Convicted Paedophile Adam Johnson 'Choked' Amid Reports Ex-Partner Is Dating Another Footie Convict

Cameron Ramsey

Former Sunderland winger and convicted paedophile Adam Johnson has apparently been left 'absolutely gutted' and crestfallen after finding out that his ex-girlfriend Stacey Flounders - to whom he has a daughter of two with - has dumped him to date another former footie convict.

The revelation, reported by the Mirror, states that Ms Flounders has recently started dating Bolton Wanderers striker Gary Madine in January. Madine was sentenced to 18-months in jail back in 2013 for attacking two fans in a nightclub.


Madine, of Sheffield Wednesday in 2013, punched Daniel Beresford in the face and subsequently broke his nose. Four weeks later, the loutish 'hit-man' decked a bricklayer - who supported rivals Sheffield United - in the Viper Room club, shattering the victims cheekbone in the savage process.

Ms Flounders is said to 'really like' the 26-year-old, and believes that he is a 'changed man' after serving his stint behind bars for his foolish assault charge. 

"It's still early days, but Stacey really likes Gary. They're getting to know each other and Adam is aware of their relationship," a source said.

Oxford United v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet League One
Oxford United v Bolton Wanderers - Sky Bet League One

"She knows all about Gary's past, but believes him when he says he's a changed man."

Madine, who incidentally has a previous conviction after knocking-out a man in a Carlisle pub, spoke after serving 16-weeks of his service:

"I would like to apologise unreservedly to everyone who has suffered through my actions." He told The Chronicle.

"I realise I let myself, my family and friends, and Sheffield Wednesday Football Club down. I now wish to look forward with all the focus on my football."

Johnson, who is due out of prison in two years, is said to be 'choked' by the news. The sex-offender was looking to rekindle their relationship after his release, in the hope that he could get his heavily tarnished life back on track. 

Former Sunderland Footballer On Trial Accused Of Child Sex Crimes
Former Sunderland Footballer On Trial Accused Of Child Sex Crimes

An insider revealed Johnson's dismay to The Sun by claiming: " Adam is in ­pieces about Stacey's romance with Gary and his family are absolutely fuming because they thought she would stand by him,

"He's absolutely gutted. As far as he was concerned he was still with Stacey - so he feels like he has been betrayed.

"He has another two years left in prison and was making plans for rebuilding his life with her when he got out."

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