Cool off with these Korean bingsu — shaved ice — recipes

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Bingsu, also known as Korean shaved ice, is a Korean dessert made from frozen milk or cream that’s shaved down into flakes. The no-bake dessert has a fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth texture and refreshing taste that will hit the spot on hot days. Aside from being delicious, bingsu is also incredibly simple to whip up quickly. Like ice cream, bingsu offers a medley of tasty flavors. From green tea to Oreo, these five bingsu recipes are guaranteed to keep you cool when the temperatures rise.

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1. Green tea bingsu

Take the tea out of the teacup with this recipe for green tea bingsu. Start by adding shaved ice to a bowl. Next, drizzle on sweetened condensed milk and add red beans. Then cut up several pieces of green tea mochi ice cream, and place them around the bowl’s perimeter. Finally, top with a scoop of green tea ice cream followed by more sweetened condensed milk. Give the bingsu a good mix, and dig in!

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2. Mango bingsu

Mangoes and frozen treats make a refreshing pair. First, freeze a carton of sterilized milk overnight. Then grate it into shavings, and transfer the shavings to a bowl. Next, add diced mango, and drizzle on some sweetened condensed milk. Finally, top off with a generous drizzle of Nutella, and enjoy!

3. Oreo bingsu

Oreos are one of those cookies that level up all kinds of desserts. For this Oreo bingsu, featuring an ice cream bear, start by shaving a frozen carton of chocolate milk into a bowl. Next, top with mini Oreos followed by a scoop of vanilla ice cream to form the bear’s body. Stick five chocolate wafers onto the ice cream scoop to form ears, a nose and eyes. Finally, top with a mint leaf and another drizzle of sweetened condensed milk before serving.

4. Strawberry cheesecake bingsu

Strawberry cheesecake gets a bingsu makeover in this recipe. First, freeze a carton of strawberry milk, and grate it into shavings. Next, transfer the shavings to a serving dish. Finally, top with whipped cream, strawberries and bits of cheesecake. Enjoy!

5. Chocolate bingsu

For this simple recipe, chill some condensed milk and transfer it to an ice cream dish. Next, sprinkle on some cocoa powder. Then add Snickers bar chunks. Finally, top with chocolate syrup and a chocolate-covered pretzel stick before serving.

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