Coronation Street character returning in Max Turner's storyline

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street will be bringing back a surprising character in Max Turner's ongoing storyline.

Max is currently doing time in a Secure Training Centre after his involvement with the extremist gang and their plan to explode a bomb on the Cobbles.

Lauren Bolton was one of the characters involved in that storyline. She's the daughter of one of the gang members and was Max's girlfriend at the time. While the gang storyline is now wrapped up, it looks like there's more to come with Lauren.

max turner, lauren, coronation street

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As reported by The Sun, actress Cait Fitton is already back filming new scenes with Max actor Paddy Bever.

Recent scenes have seen David Platt try to get through to Max during his visits to the STC after he learned that the youth has been struggling on the inside. But it hasn't been easy getting Max to admit to it.

"Their relationship is quite strained because Max feels like David does so much for him and he constantly feels like he is letting him down, so he really struggles with that," Bever recently said.

max turner, lauren, coronation street

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"Max feels like he is constantly making mistakes then apologising, then making mistakes then apologising and he feels like he has gone too far with things," the actor continued.

"Max can't forgive himself, so he can't see David forgiving him either, even though he does forgive him. But there will be a point where Max is forced to express his feelings to David."

Will Lauren's return help Max start to forgive himself, or will she lead him down a dangerous way of thinking again?

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